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Cosy lights: Make winter nicer with your decorations

LIFX light

Home isn’t home unless it feels cosy. And winter is the prime time for cosiness, made all the more so with how you decide to spruce up the inside. Think throw rugs, fluffy rugs, down pillows, scatter cushions and warm heating – bonus points for a fireplace. But in lieu of all that, or if you just want something that kind of makes all those other thing obsolete without nearly breaking the bank – and using the tools you’ve already got at your disposal, like a lamp – then LIFX might be for you. They’re wireless, Bluetooth and WiFi controlled light bulbs that you can put in literally any fixture in your home to sync with your life. Think screw bulbs, bayonet, downlights and even wallside lights that kind of take the place of at-home artwork. They’re called Tile and are cool. It’s called the ‘day & dusk’ feature in the LIFX app and turns your place into a perfectly timed, wintry landscape of cosiness, times to turn on and off with the sun, or just as simple as when you’re in or out. It’s all about matching your circadian rhythm to help you turn the winter hibernation on and off. Also, the likes can pump out some serious wattage in virtually any colour your heart desires. Trying to woo someone? They can do red. Throwing a party? Turn ’em blue. Chilling out? A nice late sunset glow is definitely doable. You get the idea. Well, create a video of your new decoration and share it… Read More

Good watches for good times: EverSwiss from Watch Shop


For the times in life you need something a bit nicer for that work meeting, dinner date, night at the opera or just to coordinate well with your non-around-the-house clothes, then maybe EverSwiss is the brand for you. From the people at the Watch Shop – one of the UK’s leading retailers of brand name designer watches that prides themselves on having one of the most efficient shopping systems available – EverSwiss fits the bill A Swiss made line of watches, they’re for the casual, the moderately stylish and the full-blown corporate amongst us, offering traditional leather bands, through to the more classic like a two-tone steel and brass range for men and women. Find more about the Watch Shop Official range at their website.

Google Home JOT lets you take it with you

Google Home Jot Loft 3

Because cords suck and do nothing but get in the way, Google has some good news if you’re a fan of the Home. Whether you’ve got the full or mini version of the Google Home, the new wireless docks add another boost of power to your own personal assistant, letting you take it anywhere you go. Called the LOFT (for the full version) and JOT (for the mini), they’re handy portable battery bases that you can unplug and enjoy the freedom to move your device around your home or office, cord free. From the legends at Ninety7, each unit gives you another eight hours of juice to let you move from room to room without interrupting your podcast, audio book or favourite playlist – or anything else you’d do with your own mobile PA. Get either of the unit you need from leading retailers. Get a LOFT for Google Home for $69.95, a JOT for Google Home Mini for $59.95. From JB HiFi, Kogan, Dick Smith, Officeworks, David Jones and

Top tech for the next time you travel

Man phone outside bike

Picture this: You’re in Paris. You’re at the base of the Eiffel Tower. You look up and see how tall it stands, how massive it actually is and impressive it would look on your Instagram. You go to grab your phone to take a quick photo, but the battery’s dead and you won’t be home for hours. If you can figure out how to get there without Google Maps… Not fun! We’ve all been there. Which is why, if you don’t know that you don’t go anywhere on any holiday without at least one power bank, an iPad, or at very least a laptop, you’re kind of asking for trouble. But worry not; thankfully there are brands and people out there whose sole purpose it is to make your travelling experience less stressful and more techy than ever before. We’ve done a round-up of some favourite tech for your travel, and here it is. SurgePlus International surge protector and adaptor This baby has all the power socket fittings (most of them, anyway) and protects your gear from dodgy international standards, while still allowing you to plug in and charge everything you don’t have the right cord for. Life saver! Get it from Belkin. BOOST CHARGE power bank with lightning connector Available in 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh variants, it delivers a more simplified and efficient iOS experience solution by being able to charge the power bank with the same Lightning cable used to charge an iPhone. It’s small, thin and lightweight. Get it from Belkin. Victorinox Lexicon… Read More

Taimi: The gay dating app that will alter the world of gay dating in Australia

Man phone

A new dating app designed especially for gay people was launched in Australia last Saturday. Taimi claims to be different from other online applications of its kind. Here’s why. Overcoming stereotypes The market is oversaturated with one-night-stand driven dating apps. Developers of those usually have a false perception that all the gay men are looking just for a hook-up. Taimi challenges this myth maintaining an environment for trusting and meaningful connections. This app takes dating seriously and welcomes users who do the same. It provides them not only with a standard swiping process, but with a number of tools allowing to make a statement about their worldview: Creating personalized interactive feed, Sharing stories, Creating and following thematic groups inside the app. All this makes Taimi much more than just a place to find a casual one-nighter. Creating community With all these features, Taimi – dating app at its core – becomes also a social network. The app brings together people with common interests and issues. Thus, Taimi is a free-from-discrimination place where gay people feel safe and understood. It encourages efficient private communication providing users with various instruments, such as video calls and icebreakers, which pop up every time you match with someone. There’s more Safety Features. Taimi’s thorough verification process and 24/7 moderation eliminate attempts to create fake accounts. In addition, users can benefit from the Stealth Mode (only people you like can see you are online), and the Private Album (you can control access to your private photos). Feature Requests. You can submit… Read More

New headphones, sorted: 5 ways Beats Studio 3 Wireless are must-haves

Beats by Dre matte black 2

So, there’s trendy, then there’s Beats by Dre. Never before has a set of music-playing headphones gone from a little name by a big name in music, to being absorbed by the biggest tech company in the world, Apple, to take over how we do music. There have been lots of different versions of the Beats name since they started back in 2008, but it’s the newest version, Beats Solo 3 Wireless. They’re packed with a tonne of stuff that makes them one of the leading brands in wireless audio for basically everyone on the market – that don’t make your head look oddly weird – with a bunch of good stuff to know about. Wireless They come with Class 1 Bluetooth technology, meaning you don’t need to install anything in your phone or computer. Just hold down the button and connect via Bluetooth. Quality acoustics At the heart of Beats Solo3 Wireless is the Beats sound. The headphones come with fine-tuned acoustics that maximise clarity, breadth and balance, on top of which comfort-cushion ear cups buffer outside noise for immersive sound so you can experience music the way it was meant to be heard. Heaps of battery life It has a pretty impressive battery life and charge factor, meaning you score up to 40 hours of battery life and quick 5-minute charge gives you 3 hours of playback. Super comfy Beats Solo3 Wireless stays true to its predecessor with bold styling and a streamlined design. The on-ear, cushioned ear cups are adjustable so you… Read More

First timer’s guide to European memory-making with the Nikon Z6

Eiffel Tower

Europe’s massive and stuff to see is kind of endless, depending on what you’re into. From the Eiffel Tower, Alexanderplatz, the Berlin Wall, the Louvre, Buckingham Palace – it goes on and on, but it’s how you decide to tackle it and the memories you decide to make that really sets each trip apart. And there’s no easier way to learn that, than with a quality camera that makes those memories really work for you. Nothing is quite like a quality photo or video to really take you back to that place and moment in time and there’s nothing quite like the Nikon Z6 to help get you there. It’s a $4000 piece from the boss name in cameras that is easy to use for anyone who knows almost literally nothing about cameras. The camera comes with a lot of technical stuff that for most people, means absolutely sweet FA, but, if there’s one thing to know about it – it makes your iPhone or Android an absolute joke. Here are six things to know about the snapper before you consider using it on your next trip. It’ll catch more picture They say it has 273 focus points. It doesn’t mean much to the regular person but basically, boils down to the camera being able to cover over 90% of the imaging area both horizontally and vertically to ensure you achieve the highest level of coverage. Works for pics and videos. It does photos, sharply The Z6 is has got new EXPEED 6 image-processing engine… Read More

New Everest wireless over ear headphones by JBL fit into life perfectly

JBL Everest 2

JBL now do a fully Google Assistant integrated over-ear, wireless headphone that you should freak out now.  There’s a lot that’s gone into these headphones – not noise cancelling, though 🙁 – to make them awesome and integrate with your busy, inner-city-vibes lifestyle without a hitch.  They fold flat, so you don’t look like the old Nova logo as you’re out of the office or home; they have a whopping 25 hours battery time with a 2-hour quick charge option if you’re busy; and, let you take full control of your music experience using your voice and receive notifications without glancing at your phone thanks to Google Assistant with the touch sensors on the earcup. Oh, and also, the JBL ShareMe 2.0 technology allows you to connect and share your music with  friends, via Bluetooth.  Of course, the JBL Everest can also let you make and receive calls, with echo-cancelling microphone, through the magic of the JBL audio quality speakers – which, if you remember from last Christmas, we’re big fans of. Check out more about the JBL Everest headphones at the JBL website.  

Sennheiser Sydney: Sennheiser just opened their first shop in Sydney

Sennheiser Sydney 1

With Christmas but a second away, Sennheiser has done the best thing since Nespresso opened its new boutique on George Street – they’ve opened up a shop.  Right in the heart of Sydney at 5 Martin Place in a building commonly known as the “Money Box”, the shop front will fly the flag high for the renowned Sennheiser brand. This heritage-listed building makes the best dramatic venue for music and sound lovers seeking to immerse themselves in the world of Sennheiser and experience the future of audio. The new flagship store offers a unique experience where you can discover Sennheiser’s audio products,  including the new Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar and the unique Sennheiser HE1. Check it out at the Sennheiser website. 

Bang & Olufsen have launched the Bronze Collection

Bang Olufsen Bronze Collection

Bang & Olufsen has announcing a limited-edition collection of the company’s most popular multi room speakers: The Bronze Collection. It’s from architectural and interior trends of using warm colours and contrasting materials and tastefully adds alluring dark, naturally warm hues, character and even more vivid sound to the modern home. The Bronze Collection brings together the iconic and powerful Beoplay A9 floor speaker, the Beoplay M5, Beosound 1 and Beosound 2 with 360-degree sound as well as the all-new Beosound Edge speaker, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Bang & Olufsen. The overall unique monochromatic look of the collection compliments the sculptural presence of the speakers and gilds the senses of the viewer merging aesthetics, playfulness and proficient acoustics. All the speakers in the Bronze Collection are wireless multi room speakers, allowing you to connect the speakers to a home sound system and have Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound flow seamlessly throughout your home. See more at B&O.