Cosy lights: Make winter nicer with your decorations

LIFX light

Home isn’t home unless it feels cosy. And winter is the prime time for cosiness, made all the more so with how you decide to spruce up the inside.

Think throw rugs, fluffy rugs, down pillows, scatter cushions and warm heating – bonus points for a fireplace. But in lieu of all that, or if you just want something that kind of makes all those other thing obsolete without nearly breaking the bank – and using the tools you’ve already got at your disposal, like a lamp – then LIFX might be for you.

LIFX light 2

They’re wireless, Bluetooth and WiFi controlled light bulbs that you can put in literally any fixture in your home to sync with your life. Think screw bulbs, bayonet, downlights and even wallside lights that kind of take the place of at-home artwork. They’re called Tile and are cool.

LIFX tile

It’s called the ‘day & dusk’ feature in the LIFX app and turns your place into a perfectly timed, wintry landscape of cosiness, times to turn on and off with the sun, or just as simple as when you’re in or out. It’s all about matching your circadian rhythm to help you turn the winter hibernation on and off.

LIFX light 3

Also, the likes can pump out some serious wattage in virtually any colour your heart desires.

Trying to woo someone? They can do red. Throwing a party? Turn ’em blue. Chilling out? A nice late sunset glow is definitely doable. You get the idea.

Well, create a video of your new decoration and share it with your loved ones. Invite them to the party and chill with the new look and comfort.

Find out more about LIFX and what you can do with them at the LIFX website.

LIFX light 1