Aussie music artist Tom Thum understand the importance of good music tech


Sennheiser has released a new piece of tech, for those of us obsessed with good sound. They’ve called it the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 and have even teamed-up with iconic Australian artists; Dami Im, Bag Raiders and Tom Thum, to curate a series of playlists that showcase the latest tracks that inspire each. We spoke to Tom about what’s […]

ASMR, but make it stylish: Unbox the new Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 like never before


ASMR. Some get it, most don’t, but regardless of how you look at it, the concept – and executing it – is kinda fun. Sennheiser cottoned on and has launched their highly anticipated – and insanely stylish – latest piece of tech with exactly that in-mind. And we’re happy about it. This unboxing, but done […]

Sennheiser goes truly wireless with new earbuds, Momentum

When you think Sennheiser, you think quality. Sound, looks, functionality; it’s truly all good, and the brand’s latest iteration into the wireless earbud market hasn’t strayed too far from the tree. The new Sennheiser MOMENTUM wireless earbuds make music better in two sexy little buds that carry the brand’s quintessential clean design, stylish finishing and […]

Sennheiser Sydney: Sennheiser just opened their first shop in Sydney

Sennheiser Sydney 1

With Christmas but a second away, Sennheiser has done the best thing since Nespresso opened its new boutique on George Street – they’ve opened up a shop.  Right in the heart of Sydney at 5 Martin Place in a building commonly known as the “Money Box”, the shop front will fly the flag high for […]