Win a robot vacuum cleaner, Ecovacs Deebot 900, the ultimate spring cleaner

Ecovacs robot vacuum white 1

Spring cleaning does itself this season. Robot vacuum cleaners are the new thing and the best one out there is the Deebot 900 by Ecovacs. It doesn’t need any additional bits to tell it when to start, stop, not fall down the stairs and keep it out of certain rooms thanks in large part to […]

Win: The new Nokia 8110 Matrix phone in yellow

It was good enough for Keanu Reeves as Neo in the Matrix movies and he’s pretty cool, so it makes sense you’d be the same.  Brand new to the market, the fully reloaded Nokia 8110 4G in banana yellow and black is back and hitting Australian stores. It’s set to be the perfect companion to an everyday smartphone and […]

A chat with Fitbit ambassador Drew Harrisberg on getting ready for summer

Drew Harrisberg Fitbit beach

Spring is here and summer isn’t far behind and if you’re living in Australia, you know the pressure is on to put down the burgers, pick-up the carrot sticks and start heading outside to exercise more often. You don’t have to, of course, but new tech by the likes of fitness masters, Fitbit and their […]

Easy ways to boost your customer service

Woman hands free phone

Excellent customer service is, as you know, about more than simply smiling and being polite. That’s the bare minimum of what we expect of any decent person – and if you’d like to stand out in the crowd, it’s time to step up your customer service game once and for all. No matter how great […]

Cases, headphones and covers, oh my! Dr. Boom Communications has your tech sorted

Dr Boom Communications

For the times you drop your phone, scratch your screen, crack the cover, or just need something new to listen to your beats with, Dr. Boom Communications is there. After a long 20-year run, they’re the retail one-stop-shop for all things relating to the most sought-after brands, pieces of tech and tech protection devices to […]

All about the Dyson new black Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson black supersonic hair dryer attachments

With Dyson’s expected level of engineering and design, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer sports not only a unique and stylish look but also a number of great features with a powerful digital motor.     Renowned for its unique ability to speedily dry your hair fast, without relying on heat and potentially damaging your hair, to […]

Great news for lovers of the Wolfenstein franchise and Nintendo Switch players

Bethesda Wolfenstein Colossus game

For those gamers out there, gird your loins – Bethesda’s favourite Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch. Spearheaded by veteran studio Panic Button with guidance from MachineGames, you can now experience the complete, uncensored, award-winning story and signature gameplay whenever and wherever they want. In the game, you take on the role […]

FujiFilm has a new Instax Square SQ6 to make your photos come to life

FujiFilm Instasquare 3

Yeah baby, it’s hip to be square! The new FujiFilm Instax Square SQ6 has arrived and like the Instax Square SQ10, your precious moments are captured in square format, the difference being this camera is analogue unlike the SQ10, which is digital. But this is what gives the SQ6 its retro charm and lower price […]

Print your fave Insta pics with the new Instax

Instax 1

Okay, so there are some things on Instagram you’d rather forget. Last night’s drunken, ten-part story of you screaming Mr. Brightside in to a karaoke mic at 3am. MORE: See when The Killers held an intimate party in Sydney The old selfies of you and your ex. And the late-night DM slide by your friend’s […]

The new and stylish way to protect your laptop by STM

STM knit glove man

There are almost literally millions of ways to protect your tech from life and how much we universally suck at keeping it in one piece, but then there’s STM, who strive to protect us from it all. Namely ourselves. The computing and tech protection giants they are have recently unveiled their latest sheath, the STM […]

Fitbit introduces new Versa watch; fitness fans freak out

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit is passionate about two things: keeping fit and wearable tech. So with the new piece called the Versa, both are more accessible than ever, turning the hum-drum of even the simplest of activities, like walking, into quality exercise points to hit your daily goal with the new, affordable and waterproof watch. Complete with a […]

Keep on top of what’s happening in the world with one app: inkl

You know the world’s a big place, yeah? And it often – or, more often than not – involves a lot of good and bad stuff going on at exactly the same time, right? Well now, for those of us who like to remain informed, there’s one app – inkl – that puts all that […]