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NFTs, cars and how a vehicle designer’s combining the two + WIN your own NFT

Crypto Carz NFT 1

Before about a year ago, the term ‘NFT’ had almost never been head before. But combine the highest recorded price of Bitcoin ever, the emergence of countless trading platforms for Crypto and the emergence of equally as countless artists and designers discovering what it means to create and sell NFTs, there’s been a BOOM in activity in the space. But what is it and why should you care? NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are pieces of digital collateral that can really be anything (such as drawings, music, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI), but a lot of the current excitement is around using the tech to sell digital art. The Verge explains what they are and how they work really well. They matter because of a few different reasons, but none so much as that they’re fast becoming a new store of value and collectible item, namely in art. Which is where Mike Turner comes into it. He’s the designer we’re referring to in the headline and his speciality is cars – or we should say Crypto-Carz specifically. A vehicle designer with over 25 years’ experience, Mike has started producing clunky-but-cute stylised CAD versions of iconic road and race cars – inspired by early Low Poly (low polygon count) video game graphics from his youth. His work is light-hearted Automotive escapism – but harnesses the same professional skills and techniques he uses daily as a professional designer and digital image creator. What he create comes from the heart – inspired by vehicles, eras and legends… Read More

Go investment: The rise of on-the-go investment apps

Phone investing invest app

No longer do you need to engage a traditional broker to invest your money. Thanks to technology and everything going digital – and the rise of increasingly intelligent apps – it has never been easier to get your foot in the door. Many of the apps available use algorithms to help with the investments, which generally results in less fees and can still assist you in creating an individualised strategy that is low maintenance. So what are the options? Micro-investing apps Micro-investing apps, such as Raiz and Spaceship Voyager, can be used either by people who want to invest a lump sum of money, or by those who prefer to use it as a piggy bank. Both apps give you the option to round-up purchases to the nearest, meaning if you spend $2.40 using your allocated spending account, the app will invest 60 cents for you in your chosen portfolio. Micro-investing apps are great because people can dip their toe into the investing world for as little as $5, whereas many other investment platforms or brokers will require a minimum spend. Your money then gets invested with everyone else’s money, however, you can decide whether you would like to put your money onto modest/safe investments or higher risk/higher reward ones. Micro-investing apps are a great low fuss strategy that especially suits people who are not great at saving. It is also surprisingly effective over time when all of a sudden you have a fair bit of money in there. Another factor that increases traders’ satisfaction is the opportunity to improve their skills within a platform. For instance, a broker… Read More

Join up to invest in the Australian Stock Exchange on-the-go with Stake

Stake ASX option 1

You can officially kiss the big banks and hefty priced investment firms a hearty ‘goodbye’! The moment every Australian investor’s been waiting for is here, courtesy of Stake. As of today, the waitlist is open for you to join the first intake of investors in Stake’s new offering: the ability to invest in the Australian Stock exchange using your phone (or desktop, if you’re classic), with a $0 brokerage fee for those on the BETA version. If you’ve been looking to invest in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) but the standard $30-ish brokerage fee (the price brokers charge you to make trades) has been a put-off, then relax; Stake is the answer you’ve been hunting for. They’ll charge a tiny $3 brokerage per trade in 2022. Already know about Stake? Join up today with this VIP link If this sounds like the next move in your financial security, then head to the new ASX landing page is up and you can sign up to the waitlist! “We’ve kicked off already. People are trading on the ASX with Stake. We’re opening up thousands more spots, progressively, over the next couple of months. People atop our Beta waitlist will be taken on, which thousands have already signed up to,” said Stake founder and CEO Matt Leibowitz. “You jump ahead in the queue each time you refer a friend to the waitlist. Sign up, refer and climb, and you’ll be trading for free on the ASX until 2022.” It’s one helluva shake-up to the market long-dominated by only… Read More

Latest in men’s wearable tech to leave you wanting more

We Vibe Bond toy 2

Doesn’t matter what you put where; if you’re a man who has sex, then you need the newly-launched product by We-Vibe. They’ve launched Bond, the newest wearable tech for men, worn around the male erogenous zones, can be worn in public, and controlled with the app for undercover teasing. It’s all about extending foreplay and building anticipation but is not meant to bring you to climax. So for those who are after a kinky dinner out, playing in the cinema – while staying dressed – or long, erotic car drives (albeit dangerous!) then this is for you. With a remote control, you and any partner can be in control of your own arousal and pleasure, anywhere, any time. The result is an incredibly sexy feeling, made safe and discreet by We-Vibe Bond’s precision engineering, easy-on quick-release design and custom fit for any penis size. This wearable stimulation ring, controlled by app or remote, celebrates the bond between sexual partners, and emphasises the importance of curious, adventurous intimacy. Here are some of the highlights of the new tool: Custom fit Easy to put on and take off Remote control  Ergonomic shape  10 intensity levels  We-Connect app  Super-soft silicone  Waterproof (IPX7)  90 minutes charge   Up to 2 hours of play   Whisper quiet   Low power alert   Get your own for $149 from Amazon Australia

Stake investment: The updated Stake investing app is here

Stake new update

If you’ve jumped on board the trading-on-the-go from your phone trend that’s exploded around the world, then you know about Stake. And if you don’t, then check them out. Just today, they’ve ripped off the veil and shown the world a brand new better version of their app – and it’s nice. The now older version of he app was bold, easy-to-use, gave you everything you needed and as fewer steps as possible to get what you need done. The great news is that with this new version of the app, all that goodness still stands – it’s just a lot better. Here’s what’s up: They’ve introduced dark mode Whatever your mood or aesthetic, the app is now an outward manifestation of your inner you. Just switch it on or off in the settings. They’ve gone social While stopping short – at the moment – of being the full-blown social trading platform the likes of eToro, Stake’s now working with an integrated share and chat function, putting the your top tips for the week right in front of your pals’ faces. Stake Black? The paid version of the otherwise commission and cost-free vanilla version, Stake Black gives you instant buying power on on sell trades, buy and sell ratings from Wall Street analysts, price targets and full company financials to make those even better choices. Try it for $7.50/month billed annually. It’s about the get bigger Never before has the ability to invest in the Australian Stock Exchange as easily as what Stake’s planning. They’re… Read More

Stake Australia: Investing in the US Stock Market? Some first steps from Stake Australia

Stake investing Sydney

The 21st century is all about challenger fintechs and app-based share trading for everyone. From Australia to the USA and everywhere in-between, investing and day trading are big business for individuals and the companies like Stake that give them unfettered access to investing in Wall Street. Read more about Stake here, but if you’ve downloaded the app, then here’s some ideas on how to make your first move from the expert themselves. What’s the first step? The S&P500, a basket of America’s 500 biggest companies, has averaged a return of 9% across history. $1000 invested into the S&P500 with $1000 added annually would be worth $150,000 after 30 years. The stock market is one of the greatest wealth-generating engines in the world. You can be part of it. Some investors prefer to actively pick companies they think will grow and increase in price. Are you particularly interested in cars or renewables? Maybe you believe in Tesla. Notice that one of your favourite online brands is always selling out? Maybe it’s worth looking at the stock. Over time, you’ll develop strategies as you gain experience and come across different resources. Remember though, time in the market will always beat timing the market. How many options are out there? Stake has over 6,000 US-listed stocks and ETFs available to investors. From the giants of today like Apple and Amazon, to the game changers of tomorrow like Tesla, investors can find all the companies they know and love on the Stake platform. Some of the most popular stocks… Read More

A trip through Ancestry gave Karen a great tale of family history

Ancestry grandfather

Karen had always been curious in nature, a trait that recently saw her discover a family secret that had been buried for more than 100 years.  Karen’s grandparents didn’t speak much about their family history and both she and her parents grew up with many questions about their past.  With a profound desire to learn about her ancestors’ lives and her family’s identity, she embarked on a quest to explore her personal history, but soon into her research, she hit a “brick wall” – a dead end in her research that she couldn’t seem to get past.   Luckily for Karen, she was given the opportunity to work with a genealogy expert from Ancestry ProGenealogists and this is how the further branches of her family tree were revealed.  After searching through historic records such as birth certificates, newspaper articles and marriage records, and by utilising the results of Karen’s AncestryDNA test, the Ancestry ProGenealogists helped her discover that Karen’s great-grandfather James was born illegitimately and that her family name, Lockett, may not be her true biological name. Karen’s great great-grandfather (also called James) married the love of his life Mary, while she was pregnant with another man’s child. He humbly took on the role as baby James’ father and the real story of Karen’s great grandfather James and his loving parents was kept a secret…until now.    Karen and her family were astonished to learn the truth about their past and the discoveries have sparked a desire in Karen to pursue her next research quest – to uncover the identity of her true paternal ancestors.  Karen said: “Working with the Ancestry ProGenealogists was a dream come true. I have researched my family history for years, but I had hit a brick wall on my father’s paternal lines and receiving this help from experts was invaluable to get me on the right… Read More

Let the pot cook for you: Zega intelligent cookware + WIN

Zega pot 1

Self-cooking technology is revolutionising the kitchen! And now, the Aussie team behind the Magic Bullet blender are bringing us the latest in that realm: The Zega Digital intelligent, walk-away cookware. The new pot features SmartControl technology which takes care of the cooking for you, allowing you to control and monitor your dinner without needing to be there. Or think about it! The new tech features a patented, double wall thermal insulated design and SmartControl technology that lets you heat the food in minutes and continues to cook safely for hours off the stove. How? Simply turn on the stove, add your ingredients and when it reaches the required temperature, switch off the stove and walk away. The Zega app will notify you when your meal is ready. Life, done right. For $299, dinner can now take care of itself. Complete with a digital lid, a SmartControl knob with a high precision digital thermometer, microprocessor, Bluetooth connectivity and an LED screen, it clearly comes with everything. Win a Zega Digital intelligent cookware pot Enter your details into the form below. Entries close 11:59PM AEDT, 28 May 2021. Loading…

Stay in your own world: Sennheiser 400 CX BT creates a sound bubble like no other


There’s something liberating about being free after the COVID pandemic, again. Seeing people out and about, in bars, restaurants and shops. Just about as freeing as it is to know that when you’re trying to drown them all out, not having cables to get in your way is a big plus. Enter the Sennheiser CX 400 BT totally wireless earbuds; the ones that’ll change your life. For $299.95, you get unfettered music bliss made possible by Sennheiser’s 7mm dynamic drivers, built-in equalisers and customisable touch controls, so you’re not constantly checking your phone and give you a certain ease of use that is just cool. Straight out of the box, the left earbud can be tapped once to play or pause music, twice to jump backwards a track and held down to turn the volume down. On the right earbud, one tap activates your phone’s voice assistant or accepts incoming calls, two taps jump forward a track or rejects calls and holding it down ups the volume. They’re a sonic marvel that fits comfortably in the ear, and stack-up pretty fairly against the Sennheiser Momentum 2 True Wireless buds you can read about, too. On the comfort front, Sennheiser’s clearly spent a lot of time looking into the ergonomics of the earbuds and fighting that ‘I just shoved it deeper into my ear’ feeling whenever you use the touch controls. With customisable fittings and a light 6g total per bud, there’s no feeling of carrying anything heavy around. And when it comes to sound? You’ll… Read More