ASMR, but make it stylish: Unbox the new Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 like never before


ASMR. Some get it, most don’t, but regardless of how you look at it, the concept – and executing it – is kinda fun. Sennheiser cottoned on and has launched their highly anticipated – and insanely stylish – latest piece of tech with exactly that in-mind. And we’re happy about it. This unboxing, but done […]

Giveaway: Keep your AirPods safe with the new AirBag by Twelve South

AirBag 2

When you spend over $300 (£150-odd) for a pair of earbuds that can so easily go missing, get lost or stomped on, you’re going to want to keep them safe. Enter the new AirBag for your Apple AirPods, putting yet another protective and weirdly cute layer of protection around your tech. They look like a […]

Automating your home: A lot more possible than you thought

Interiors home living room

In the days of Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri, who can do anything you need other than make your morning coffee and take your stuff to the dry-cleaners, your home is next in the long line of tech updates. And the best bit, is that the days of just being able to time your […]

Belkin does a standing charge pad for Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony + WIN

Belkin stand

Because your phone’s as nice to look at as it is to use, why not show it off? Belkin understands and have made some new toys to add to the Chrissy list this year to allow you to do just that. The new Belkin BOOST UP Wireless charging stand is for the interiors nerd who […]

No wires, more music – Blue Ant are doing a new wireless earbud

They’re stylish, lightweight and work without you having to try; the Blue Ant Pump Air 2 is the next thing in wireless music. The Blue Ant brand has done some great stuff when music’s concerned. Not only is a heap of their stuff wireless and good-looking, it’s enhanced by the fact they’re a technology company […]

The Fitbit Versa 2: A new watch, only this time, with Alexa

Fitbit Versa 2

What’s the time? What was my sleep score last night? What’s the weather doing today, Alexa? No, we’re not talking to a smart home hub. We’re actually playing with the new offering from FitBit, the Versa 2 Health and Fitness Watch.  Loaded with features such as Amazon Alexa, 24/7 heart rate tracking, a sophisticated sleep […]

3 things to consider before buying your next set of headphones


Headphone sales are steadily increasing in Australia thanks to the flow-on effect created by the skyrocketing popularity of music streaming.  While buying new headphones may seem like a trivial errand for many, audiophiles have successfully transformed the headphone movement from a mere hobby to a culture.  The days of simply grabbing the nearest headphones off a shelf when you want to listen to […]

Has Mac got your back when you’re switching from Windows?

Woman work laptop computer

The Windows vs Mac debate is an ongoing and impossible fight. As Apple develop more advanced systems, though, you wouldn’t be alone if you considered leaving Windows in the dust. Still, it would be naive to go into a switch like this blind. Too often, ex-Windows users make the mistake of assuming that Macs won’t […]

Turn your party up: The new Wonderboom 2 is ready

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 1

Parties aren’t worth having unless there’s enough tunes to drown out your sobriety, which is why Ultimate Ears have again pumped out another wireless speaker. The new version of the OG Wonderboom from 2017 has been reimagined with better stuff all over for your party – and just general chill out – needs. Aptly named […]

Sennheiser goes truly wireless with new earbuds, Momentum

When you think Sennheiser, you think quality. Sound, looks, functionality; it’s truly all good, and the brand’s latest iteration into the wireless earbud market hasn’t strayed too far from the tree. The new Sennheiser MOMENTUM wireless earbuds make music better in two sexy little buds that carry the brand’s quintessential clean design, stylish finishing and […]

Cosy lights: Make winter nicer with your decorations

LIFX light

Home isn’t home unless it feels cosy. And winter is the prime time for cosiness, made all the more so with how you decide to spruce up the inside. Think throw rugs, fluffy rugs, down pillows, scatter cushions and warm heating – bonus points for a fireplace. But in lieu of all that, or if […]

Good watches for good times: EverSwiss from Watch Shop


For the times in life you need something a bit nicer for that work meeting, dinner date, night at the opera or just to coordinate well with your non-around-the-house clothes, then maybe EverSwiss is the brand for you. From the people at the Watch Shop – one of the UK’s leading retailers of brand name […]