Turns out aromatherapy’s still a thing – but you need the right gear

After the last moment in history we all endured, there’d be no surprises if you’re a bit stressed, tense, anxious, generally in need of a chill. And before turning to the bottle, or staying the tried-and-true path of the yogis, why not try aromatherapy? Renowned around the Western world as being an aid in relaxation […]

Skullcandy’s New Skull-iQ Earbuds have one big advantage over AirPods

If ever you wanted an in-ear music experience that didn’t suck, then listen-up. Skullcandy’s all-new, intuitive voice-driven platform, Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology is providing users with the ability to go completely hands-free, Skull-iQ debuts on both the Push Active Sport True Wireless and Grind True Wireless Earbuds. Unlike earbuds with Siri and Google Assistant built-in, the Hey Skullcandy command works entirely […]

NFTs, cars and how a vehicle designer’s combining the two + WIN your own NFT

Before about a year ago, the term ‘NFT’ had almost never been head before. But combine the highest recorded price of Bitcoin ever, the emergence of countless trading platforms for Crypto and the emergence of equally as countless artists and designers discovering what it means to create and sell NFTs, there’s been a BOOM in […]

Why Sennheiser CX True Wireless earbuds are the ultimate Christmas gift

Music . Makes the people. Come together. Unless you’re wearing Sennheiser CX True Wireless earbuds. They create your own little cocoon of sound that helps to block out everything but the quality tunes you’re listening to – or whatever – completely uninterrupted and altogether comfortably. Because you don’t need to compromise on your audio experience, […]

The rise of on-the-go investment apps

No longer do you need to engage a traditional broker to invest your money. Thanks to technology and everything going digital – and the rise of increasingly intelligent apps – it has never been easier to get your foot in the door. Many of the apps available use algorithms to help with the investments, which generally results […]

The updated Stake investing app is here

Stake new update

If you’ve jumped on board the trading-on-the-go from your phone trend that’s exploded around the world, then you know about Stake. And if you don’t, then check them out. Just today, they’ve ripped off the veil and shown the world a brand new better version of their app – and it’s nice. The now older […]

Investing in the US Stock Market? Here are some first steps from Stake Australia

Stake investing Sydney

The 21st century is all about challenger fintechs and app-based share trading for everyone. From Australia to the USA and everywhere in-between, investing and day trading are big business for individuals and the companies like Stake that give them unfettered access to investing in Wall Street. Read more about Stake here, but if you’ve downloaded […]