Aussie music artist Tom Thum understand the importance of good music tech

Sennheiser has released a new piece of tech, for those of us obsessed with good sound. They’ve called it the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 and have even teamed-up with iconic Australian artists; Dami Im, Bag Raiders and Tom Thum, to curate a series of playlists that showcase the latest tracks that inspire each. We spoke to Tom about what’s […]

Impress Dad this Father’s Day – The new Beats Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats earphones

Because there’s little else in the world going on, sometimes it’s nice to drown it out, right? So with Father’s Day around the corner on Sunday 6 September, there’s at least one must-buy on your list and it comes in the form of new tech from Beats by Dre. The new Powerbeats Pro will do […]

IRIS headphones: The music tech that offers a holistic experience

Iris headphones

Their own unique creation, the IRIS headphones – new to market as of July – offer something really different. The first of their kind to have inbuilt technology that is proven to increase states of focus, performance and relaxation, as well as creating a fully immersive and ‘live’ listening experience, they’re as unique to use as […]

What’s Withings – and why you need them in your home

Canterbury mens gym fitness rope

When you’re staring down coast-after-coast of beach upon beach and the desire to get your kit off and enjoy it’s just that bit too strong, then you want to do your best to channel all the confidence and body positivity, right? So, with that in mind, welcome to the scene Withings. They’re tech for life, […]

Changing of the guard? Are smartphones taking over from laptops?

Nokia 6 5 3 mobile phone handset 5

Following the rise of digitalisation, forward-thinking technological advancements have continued to strive to offer a more convenient future for consumers. Fundamentally, this has been apparent in a wide array of different industries, particularly the laptop and smartphone sectors. Given the popularity of smartphones, their regularity within modern-day society poses questions over the future of laptops. […]

Huawei’s P40 Pro and MateBook pack punch but smartphone is limited by software

Matebook x Pro

Huawei fans will be happy to know the P40 series is now available in Australia, with the P40 Pro featuring a high-quality Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera with Huawei XD Fusion Engine. The smartphone’s camera is capable of incredible zoom capabilities and has an overflow display as well as a high definition selfie camera. The […]

Want to know how well you sleep? A.H. Beard tech will get you there + WIN!


Given we spend, on average, a third of our lives asleep (don’t remind us), why wouldn’t you want to know how well, or not, you’re doing it? A. H. Beard is leading the charge in the world of sleep with their comfy beds, and through their sleep technology they’re turning people’s lives around by giving […]

Goodbye germs: How the Reggie Key is our key to preventing sickness + WIN!

Reggie Key

If you think life without face masks and hand sanitiser is a thing; you’re nuts! So, why not get ahead of the game for life and invest in something that not only heavily reduces the need to touch everything in public – the Reggie Key. A new reveal, it takes the concept of touching things […]

All about Laser’s CONNECT SmartHome range + WIN

Laser light bulb living room

Remember when customisable home lighting came out? Exciting times. But it was always so expensive and such an investment – until now. Laser is taking-on the big guys and offering the same technology with all its benefits, for a fraction of the price: just $10 per Laser Smart White LED light bulb bulb. Along with […]

Make your holidays ones to remember: The GoPro MAX 6K Waterproof camera + WIN

Sure, you can take a photo or video with your phone, but will it smooth out your video? No. Will it automatically adjust to your surroundings to take the perfect pic? Probably not. Can you tell it to take a photo or start or stop recording while being kicked by an elephant? No? Shame. The […]

How risky are you? Nord VPN has some numbers that’ll shock you

Woman work laptop computer

Turns out Australians are at a high risk of becoming victims of cybercrime, according to the new Cyber Risk Index by NordVPN. We have a high-income economy, advanced technological infrastructure, urbanisation and digitalisation. But, these same factors increase the prevalence of cybercrime, so we need to be more careful, they say! What are you doing […]

Alcatel has you covered with three new smartphones under $200

Alcatel smartphones

If you’re shopping around for a smartphone without the smart price tag, then the good news is Alcatel has just released three smartphones under $200.  Available through Vodafone, the top-end Alcatel 3L (RRP $199 including a prepaid $40 SIM pack), the mid-range 1V (RRP $149 including a $30 SIM pack) and the budget 1B (RRP […]