Turns out aromatherapy’s still a thing – but you need the right gear

360 diffuser pink

After the last moment in history we all endured, there’d be no surprises if you’re a bit stressed, tense, anxious, generally in need of a chill.

And before turning to the bottle, or staying the tried-and-true path of the yogis, why not try aromatherapy?

Renowned around the Western world as being an aid in relaxation and decompression, aromatherapy harnesses the power of the olfactory to alleviate tension and promote feelings of peace, serenity and a worldly disconnection.

In Essence knows this and their latest range of 360 Diffusers are all about making those dreams of a life without pressure a reality.

Australian owned and designed, the portable and rechargeable diffusers can be placed in any room – ours lives next to the bath – when you’re in need of some full-on, scented zen.

As the name would suggest, aromas are dispersed all around the touch-pad, ambient lit piece of tech, offering a complete room takeover of relaxation.

And now the only question is, which scents will really do it for you?

Find out more about the In Essence 260 Diffuser at the website.

360 diffuser