Stake investment: The updated Stake investing app is here

Stake new update

If you’ve jumped on board the trading-on-the-go from your phone trend that’s exploded around the world, then you know about Stake. And if you don’t, then check them out.

Stake new experience

Just today, they’ve ripped off the veil and shown the world a brand new better version of their app – and it’s nice.

The now older version of he app was bold, easy-to-use, gave you everything you needed and as fewer steps as possible to get what you need done.

The great news is that with this new version of the app, all that goodness still stands – it’s just a lot better. Here’s what’s up:

They’ve introduced dark mode

Stake Dark Mode

Whatever your mood or aesthetic, the app is now an outward manifestation of your inner you. Just switch it on or off in the settings.

They’ve gone social

Stock sharing Stake

While stopping short – at the moment – of being the full-blown social trading platform the likes of eToro, Stake’s now working with an integrated share and chat function, putting the your top tips for the week right in front of your pals’ faces.

Stake Black?

Stake Black

The paid version of the otherwise commission and cost-free vanilla version, Stake Black gives you instant buying power on on sell trades, buy and sell ratings from Wall Street analysts, price targets and full company financials to make those even better choices. Try it for $7.50/month billed annually.

It’s about the get bigger

Never before has the ability to invest in the Australian Stock Exchange as easily as what Stake’s planning. They’re vibing later in 2021, but soon, the ability to throw your cash behind some of your favourite Australian ‘owned and operateds’ will be at your finger tips. Watch this space. Until then, you can choose from over 6,000 businesses on Wall Street.

Sign up to Stake today and start investing immediately. Available on Google Play and the App Store.