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Stake ASX waitlist hits 35,000 in just seven days

It was only a week ago that Stake, Australia’s answer to the likes of eToro and Freetrade, offered its unique audience of over 300,000 the opportunity of a lifetime: joining the waitlist for the opportunity to invest in Australian Stock Exchange.

Get VIP access to Stake’s ASX beta platform now

Since then, it’s ballooned to a waitlist of over 35,000, proving that Australian investors are hungry for the chance to throw some money behind their local brands and business without any brokerage fees!

The likes of CommSec and other big bank players offer retail investors the same opportunities, but can charge huge fees of $30+ for most transactions. For the average Aussie, that won’t do.

Stake is offering those who are granted access to the beta ASX version in October, $0 brokerage until 2022. Then after the beta intake, brokerage will only set you back $3 per trade – an industry low.

“We’re offering $0 brokerage until the end of the year for all those who get onto our beta offering so the incentive is there to not only get on the list but to get your mates in on the action too,” says Stake CEO and founder, Matt Leibowitz.

“Those at the top of the list will make the next intake onto the platform as early as next month, where they’ll get full access to more than 2000 companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), CHESS sponsored ownership, direct funding into an AUD wallet, and a dedicated dashboard for their Australian holdings.”

For more and to join Stake’s beta intake for October, sign up to Stake here

To read more about Stake, here’s some more info

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