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Meal prep has never been easier thanks to the Ninja XXXL FlexDrawer

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If you’e not an air fryer convert by now, where the bloody hell have you been?! Air frying is fast, simple and requires very little clean up since minimal oil is used and any splatter is contained. However, if you’re a meal prepper (how very Doomsday vibes!), you’ll know that not many air fryers can house your food demands. Enter the new Ninja XXXL FlexDrawer air fryer with it’s whopping 10.4L capacity. This is the big daddy of all air fryers and brings the Ninja Kitchen tech expertise to your home for easier group, family and batch cooking. It’s defining features is the FlexDrawer that transforms your air fryer from a DualZone, capable of cooking two seperate dishes for their own set time and temperature, to MegaZone, with extra-large capacity of 10.4L which is big enough to cook a whole chicken (#gains) or a Sunday lamb roast, including the veggies! The DualZone is perfect if you’re prepping protein and sides concurrently as you can easily sync the finishing times using the timer and temperature functions so your meals are all done in one go. Don’t despair if you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to prep baked oats or protein muffins, the FlexDrawer isn’t just for meats and veggies, you can even bake a whole pavlova in the air fryer! That’s the kind of meal prep I think we can all get behind… Need some inspo to get started? Try this spicy tofu with green beans for a healthy lunch prep, or this gluten-free salmon… Read More

Winning margarita recipes for National Margarita Day this February

Margarita cocktail

National Margarita Day is upon us (22 February), so if the tequila based bev is for you in all its tart, zingy or chilli incarnations, then listen up. Here are some recipes to try: And remember, don’t forget the Cointreau. The Original Margarita: Ingredients: Method: The Berry Margarita: Ingredients: Method: The Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita Ingredients: Method: The Coconut Ginger Margarita Ingredients: Method:

Love coffee? Try these café au lait treats this summer

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Coffee champions Nespresso are making summer even sweeter with their latest Barista Creations range that’s made to be iced, iced baby. It couldn’t come any sooner as the Aussie summer stings, but you can now perk yourself up at home with the Brazilian-inspired collection designed to elevate iced coffee experiences with surprising tropical coffee blends designed specifically for ice. In the Barista Creations for Ice range is the new Liminha over Ice flavour, return of fan favourite Coconut over Ice and for black coffee loves, Ice Leggero. If a latte isn’t enough for you in the heat, try these summery treats to get that caffeine fix without the temperature spike. Mocha Smoothie Bowl Ingredients:80ml Ice Leggero1 large frozen banana or 2 small frozen bananas1 teaspoon cocoa powder3 teaspoons chia seeds1 teaspoon cinnamon Toppings suggestions: coconut shavings, nut butter, granola and fruit. Materials:Nespresso Vertuo machineBlender Method:Brew Ice Leggero, allow to cool.In a blender, add all ingredients. Blend until thick and smooth.Spoon into a bowl and garnish with your favourite toppings. Liminha Affogato Ingredients:80ml Liminha Coffee2 scoops Lemon Sorbet Materials:Nespresso Vertuo machineVertuo Cappuccino glass Method:In a Cappuccino glass, add the Lemon sorbet.Brew the Liminha coffee over the sorbet.Serve and enjoy! Ice Cube Coffee Ingredients:230ml Tropical Coconut Over Ice Capsule150ml milk (we love this with oat milk or coconut milk for an extra tropical hit!) Materials: Nespresso Vertuo machineIce Cube TrayNespresso Reveal GlassAeroccino Method:The night before, brew Iced Coconut into a jug and wait to cool. Carefully pour into the ice cube tray and freezer overnight.Place 3 coffee… Read More

How to make the famous Negroni Spagliato cocktail by Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke

Negroni spagliato cocktail campari

Because a drink’s never a bad choice, why not try something new? Negronis are obviously the preferred choice of so many around the world, but what about one of the classic cocktails with a little something diffferent? Google searches for ‘Negroni Sbagliato’ have increased by 501% over the past week, after an audio clip of HBO’s House Of Dragons actors discussing their favourite drinks went viral on TikTok.  Discussing favourite orders at a bar, actor Emma D’Arcy reveals they opt for ‘A Negroni sbagliato with prosecco in it’, which co-star Olivia Cooke agrees as also being her own tipple of choice.  We spoke to NIO cocktails about how to make the Negroni Spagliato: Ingredients 25ml prosecco 25ml sweet vermouth 25ml Campari ice For the garnish slice of orange And if making one at home seems like too much work and you’re in Melbourne, try going to Neighbourhood Wine‘s open air parklet to order a Negroni Sbagliato ($22) from the pros, featuring Walcher ‘Venticinque 25 Bio Bitter’, Del Professore Rosso Vermouth & Lemoss Prosecco, all poured over ice in a short glass with a fresh slice of orange and a green olive to garnish.  Neighbourhood Wine is open 12pm-12am, from Wednesday – Sunday, and can be found online at

Cinnamon and chilli cocktails to turn up the heat this summer

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The heat of summer is getting closer and closer, so what else to do than channel the luxury and warmth of the sun into what you put in your drink? Chatting to the folks at Dubliner Fiery Irish cinnamon and chilli flavoured whiskey liqueur, which just launched in Australia last month, we have some ideas… Fiery Mule Glass: Rocks Ingredients: ·         30mls Fiery Irish ·         90mls Ginger Ale ·         10mls Lime Juice ·         Dehydrated Lime Wheel Method: Add ice to a rocks glass, add ingredients and stir. Garnish with dehydrated in lime wheel Spicy Apple Glass: Highball Ingredients: ·         30mls Fiery Irish ·         90mls Appletiser or Cloudy Apple Cider ·         Green Apple Slices Method: Add ice to a highball glass, add ingredients and stir. Garnish with apple fan. Spicy Bird Glass: Tall Ingredients: ·         30mls Fiery Irish ·         10mls Campari ·         45mls Fresh Pineapple Juice ·         15mls Lime Juice ·         5mls Sugar Syrup ·         Dehydrated lime wheel Method: Add ice and all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into glass. Garnish with lime wheel.

4 gin drinks perfect for winter sipping


Move over mulled wine, gin is the go-to winter tipple. Yes, gin may have a strong hold on summer, but we’d like to make a case for cracking open the Aviation Gin in winter too and treating yourself to a gin based cocktail that’ll keep you warm as the temperatures drop. Take it from co-owner Ryan Reynolds, “If you’re drinking anything else, you’re drinking bullsh*t”. Inspired by our friends at Aviation Gin, here are 4 gin cocktails perfect for winter: 1. Negroni Upgrade 1.5 shots Aviation American Gin 0.75 shot Bitter Aperitivo Liqueur 0.75 shot Sweet Vermouth Orange Twist Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice. Stir, then strain into Rocks glass with ice. Garnish with Orange Twist. 2. Hugo’s Martini 1.5 shots Aviation American Gin 0.5 shots Dry Vermouth 1 Dash Orange Bitters Lemon Peel Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass with Ice. Stir, then strain into chilled Martini glass. Garnish with Lemon Peel. 3. Gin Fizz 2 shots Aviation American Gin 1 shot freshly squeezed lemon juice 0.75 shot simple syrup 1 egg white  Soda water, to top Combine gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white to a shaker and shake vigorously with no ice for 15 seconds. Add ice, shake for another 15 and strain into Rocks glass and top up with soda water. 4. Bijou 1 shot Aviation American Gin 1 shot Green Chartreuse Liqueur 1 shot Sweet Vermouth 2-3 Dashes Orange Bitters Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass with Ice. Stir, then strain into chilled… Read More

McGuigan Zero ‘Dry July’ cocktail recipes

McGuigan wines

Each year, more and more Australians are embracing Dry July. Whatever the purpose for your month off alcohol, the health benefits of abstaining remain the same. Giving up alcohol for five weeks can have the following benefits: Improved quality of sleep, increase wakefulness, enhanced work performance and improved concentration. You may also lose weight, decrease your cholesterol, lower blood glucose and decrease liver fat. Making it possible for Australians to enjoy their wine moments, just without the alcohol, McGuigan’s – one of Australia’s biggest sellers of no-alcohol wines – has created some Dry July cocktails to share with friends. Nulled Wine Makes 8-10  1 x bottle of McGuigan Zero Shiraz or McGuigan Zero Red Blend 2 cups of cranberry juice 8 cloves 1 cinnamon stick 3 star anise 1 orange sliced Brown sugar to taste (if added sweetness is desired) Add all ingredients to a large saucepan and bring to a very low boil on medium-high heat. Turn heat to low and steam for 20-30 minutes (can leave up to 1 hour if you’ve got more time). Strain, or remove orange slices and spices. Pour into a mug and add garnish. Saintly Spritz Makes 1 120ml McGuigan Rosé or McGuigan Sparkling Rosé 30ml lemonade Mint, to garnish Lemon slice, to garnish Red berries, to garnish Add all ingredients to a glass over ice, stir and enjoy! Rosé Mimosa Makes 8  Syrup: 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup water Cocktail: 1 bottle McGuigan Rosé  ½ bottle McGuigan Zero Sparkling 8 rosemary sprigs, to garnish Pomegranate seeds, to garnish In a small saucepan bring the sugar and water to a boil, simmer for 5 minutes until dissolved. Cool and mix in the McGuigan Zero Rosé, then freeze in a loaf pan, breaking up occasionally until frozen solid. Process in batches in a food processor until smooth, then freeze again until firm. Scoop into coupe glasses and top off with McGuigan Zero Sparkling.

Your favourite Aussie bartenders add local flavour to 4th of July cocktails

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The 4th of July may pass Australians by with nary a thought, but what if we told you it was worth celebrating this year with an American classic cocktail in hand, but with a local twist.  Partnering with ‘Cheers! Spirits from the USA’, 22 well-known Australian bartenders and mixologists lent their expertise to creating a free cocktail book for Independence Day, containing a range of cocktails that hero American spirits, but with an Aussie twist, and designed specifically to be made and enjoyed ar home.  The cocktail list highlights the quality and versatility of American spirit brands including Angel’s Envy, Jack Daniels, Koval, Maker’s Mark, Old Forester, Wild Turkey, Westland, Westward American Single Malt Whiskey and Woodford Reserve. Once you download the cocktail book, the recipes are yours to keep, but if you do prefer someone else making your drinks (you’re only human), the participating bartenders will also have them available at their venue from June 27-July 4.  Have a gander at the below list of bartenders and their creations, plus the venue to find them at:  Simon Hopkins (Jolene’s Sydney – NSW) puts a chocolate spin on the classic Old Fashioned using Westward Whiskey. Dan Gregory (The Gresham Bar – QLD) is showcasing a Woodford Reserve Goin’ Out West. Adam Lau (Grain Bar – NSW) develops the DJ Sutherland celebrating Westland American Oak Whiskey. Grace Rawlins (Memphis Slim’s House of Blues –  SA) is using Westland Peated Whiskey in the innovative Spicy Peat cocktail. Chris Garner (The Barrie – NSW) is highlighting Wild Turkey… Read More

Celebrate National Margarita Day with this Horseshoe Margarita recipe

Horseshoe margarita tequila cocktail

National Margarita Day is fast approaching – 22 February! – so whether you’re new to the tang of tequila, or as used to it as the agave worm, you need a quality recipe to celebrate with. And this, friends, is exactly that. First thing to remember is that there are endless ways to craft a margarita, so use this as a guide. Whether you prefer yours salty, slightly sweet, or a little spicy, the quality of the final product that’s poured into your glass depends on one thing: the tequila. Tequila Herradura Plata has notes of citrus, cooked agave, and vanilla — natural flavours with a smooth finish that pair nicely with your most creative margarita variations. Consider the Horseshoe Margarita your new go-to original margarita recipe. Ingredients  2 parts. Tequila Herradura Plata  1 part.  Freshly squeezed lime juice  1/2 part.  Agave nectar  Method In a classic cocktail shaker add all three ingredients over ice. Shake well until the ice is almost melted. Strain over fresh ice in a salt-rimmed glass tumbler. Garnish with a wedge of lime to taste. Drink hard and fast, don’t mess about.

Lament the end of summer with one last seasonal Grey Goose cocktail

Grey Goose fresh cut spritz

We might still be a bit hamstrung going into autumn, but don’t let that be a downer – there’s still celebration to be had for the time in history we’ll all forget fast becoming a by-gone. And there’s no better way to do that than with Grey Goose. With their classic ingredient – vodka – Grey Goose’s new fresh cut spritz is a spin on a modern classic,  featuring Grey Goose vodka, fresh pink grapefruit, a sprig of thyme, splash of Noilly Prat Vermouth, and topped with soda water. GREY GOOSE Vodka is available at BWS and Dan Murphy’s nationwide at $69.99. Here’s how to make a Grey Goose fresh cut spritz Glass: Wine Glass Garnish: Grapefruit wedge or sprig of fresh Thyme Ingredients:  50ml GREY GOOSE® vodka 150ml Soda Water A squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice Splash of Noilly Prat Vermouth Red Grapefruit wedge A sprig of fresh Thyme Method: Build over cubed ice and garnish with a red grapefruit wedge and/or a fresh sprig of thyme