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Meal prep has never been easier thanks to the Ninja XXXL FlexDrawer

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If you’e not an air fryer convert by now, where the bloody hell have you been?! Air frying is fast, simple and requires very little clean up since minimal oil is used and any splatter is contained. However, if you’re a meal prepper (how very Doomsday vibes!), you’ll know that not many air fryers can house your food demands. Enter the new Ninja XXXL FlexDrawer air fryer with it’s whopping 10.4L capacity. This is the big daddy of all air fryers and brings the Ninja Kitchen tech expertise to your home for easier group, family and batch cooking. It’s defining features is the FlexDrawer that transforms your air fryer from a DualZone, capable of cooking two seperate dishes for their own set time and temperature, to MegaZone, with extra-large capacity of 10.4L which is big enough to cook a whole chicken (#gains) or a Sunday lamb roast, including the veggies! The DualZone is perfect if you’re prepping protein and sides concurrently as you can easily sync the finishing times using the timer and temperature functions so your meals are all done in one go. Don’t despair if you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to prep baked oats or protein muffins, the FlexDrawer isn’t just for meats and veggies, you can even bake a whole pavlova in the air fryer! That’s the kind of meal prep I think we can all get behind… Need some inspo to get started? Try this spicy tofu with green beans for a healthy lunch prep, or this gluten-free salmon… Read More