Love coffee? Try these café au lait treats this summer

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Coffee champions Nespresso are making summer even sweeter with their latest Barista Creations range that’s made to be iced, iced baby. It couldn’t come any sooner as the Aussie summer stings, but you can now perk yourself up at home with the Brazilian-inspired collection designed to elevate iced coffee experiences with surprising tropical coffee blends designed specifically for ice.

In the Barista Creations for Ice range is the new Liminha over Ice flavour, return of fan favourite Coconut over Ice and for black coffee loves, Ice Leggero. If a latte isn’t enough for you in the heat, try these summery treats to get that caffeine fix without the temperature spike.

Mocha Smoothie Bowl

Mocha Smoothie Bowl 16 9

80ml Ice Leggero
1 large frozen banana or 2 small frozen bananas
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
3 teaspoons chia seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Toppings suggestions: coconut shavings, nut butter, granola and fruit.

Nespresso Vertuo machine

Brew Ice Leggero, allow to cool.
In a blender, add all ingredients. Blend until thick and smooth.
Spoon into a bowl and garnish with your favourite toppings.

Liminha Affogato

Liminha Affogato 16 9

80ml Liminha Coffee
2 scoops Lemon Sorbet

Nespresso Vertuo machine
Vertuo Cappuccino glass

In a Cappuccino glass, add the Lemon sorbet.
Brew the Liminha coffee over the sorbet.
Serve and enjoy!

Ice Cube Coffee

Coconut Ice Cubes 16 9

230ml Tropical Coconut Over Ice Capsule
150ml milk (we love this with oat milk or coconut milk for an extra tropical hit!)

Nespresso Vertuo machine
Ice Cube Tray
Nespresso Reveal Glass

The night before, brew Iced Coconut into a jug and wait to cool. Carefully pour into the ice cube tray and freezer overnight.
Place 3 coffee ice cubes into a glass.
Froth milk of your choosing using the hot cappuccino setting and pour over the coffee ice cubes.