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Nespresso creates Unforgettable Recipes for their latest limited edition capsule flavour

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Nespresso has teamed up with Australian personalities to launch “Unforgettable Recipes,” making coffee moments at home extraordinary. Using the versatile VERTUO range, these recipes blend delicious coffee with surprising ingredients, offering easy-to-follow instructions.

New VIVA North Melbourne cabaret venue and bar

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This April, the industrial precinct of North Melbourne will witness a spectacular transformation with the grand opening of VIVA, an innovative venue that harmonizes live performances with exquisite dining. By seamlessly blending a vibrant bar setting with captivating cabaret experiences, VIVA is poised to redefine entertainment in Australia, creating an immersive hub for underground artistry, culinary delights, and premium libations. Step into a realm where history intertwines with modern allure at VIVA. Infused with the opulence of the 1920s and accentuated by cutting-edge staging and technology, VIVA promises to be a stage for the nation’s most distinguished dance and cabaret luminaries. The venue is crafted to whisk guests away on a journey of delight, excitement, and artistic exploration. Featuring two exclusive in-house shows that anchor the night’s entertainment lineup, VIVA kicks off with Elegant, a captivating cabaret performance brimming with comedy, dance, charm, and theatrics. For those seeking a more provocative and daring experience, Exotic awaits as the late-night spectacle designed to captivate, enthrall, and perhaps even challenge your perceptions. Elegant, the early show, is helmed by the acclaimed arts and entertainment maestro, Jason Coleman. With an illustrious portfolio encompassing iconic events like the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, hit musicals such as Hair and Hairspray, and the beloved TV series So You Think You Can Dance, guests at VIVA are primed for an extraordinary evening within an intimate setting. Director of VIVA, Karlee Kaminski, shared, “At VIVA, we aspire to merge the enchantment of live performances with exceptional dining, service, and beverages, establishing a new… Read More

Melbourne coffee lovers in for a futuristic treat

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Melbourne, hold onto your coffee cups! As the world prepares to celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1, plant-based pioneers, Minor Figures, and specialty coffee roasters, Coffee Supreme, have something exceptional brewing. This trailblazing partnership is set to redefine your coffee experience, taking you on a journey a hundred years into the future. For one tantalising week, the Coffee Supreme café in Abbotsford will turn into a time machine of taste, offering an avant-garde glimpse into our coffee-drinking future. This venture is part of Minor Figures’ global campaign, offering FREE coffees to the first 100 eager time-travellers through its doors. Minor Figures’ Co-Founder, Jonathan Chiu, envisions a future worth saving. As a company, they believe success in innovation lies in solving problems from our customers’ perspective. This collaboration with Coffee Supreme is an exploration of the future of coffee consumption, a creative energy experiment aimed at imagining how we could be making, drinking, and loving coffee in 100+ years. Coffee Supreme’s response to this intriguing question is an off-world interpretation that holds true to their unique vision and deep desire to preserve the mindful moment that coffee brings to our daily lives, regardless of which planet we find ourselves on. The result? An immersive and multi-layered beverage that invites you to savour the moment. This futuristic coffee, only available at the Coffee Supreme Abbotsford Café, is served in a whisky glass over ice and features three distinct layers, each representing earth, water, and clouds. The bottom layer combines a rich Colombian espresso concentrate and tonic… Read More

Lavazza, Brunetti Oro host Coffee Festival in Melbourne

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Get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of coffee-infused festivities as Lavazza, one of the world’s leading coffee brands, and Brunetti Oro, the iconic café on Flinders Lane, come together to celebrate International Coffee Day. Starting from Thursday, September 28 until Sunday, October 1, they will be hosting an exhilarating four-day Festival of Coffee at Brunetti Oro’s flagship location on Flinders Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. This is an open invitation for all Melburnians to revel in their love for coffee and partake in a weekend filled with exclusive and exciting events. In a gesture of global unity, Brunetti Oro will be serving up a free cup of Lavazza coffee to each lucky visitor. But remember, the early bird gets the worm! The first 100 customers between 8AM to 10AM each day will be treated to this delightful offer. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Throughout the festival, Lavazza and Brunetti Oro will be hosting a plethora of coffee experiences that are surely not to be missed. From limited-edition desserts and coffee cocktails to interactive coffee roasting and cupping masterclasses led by expert baristas, there’s something for everyone. Experience the rich, authentic taste of Italian coffee right in the heart of Melbourne and join us in celebrating how coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. Mimmo Orlando, Managing Director of Lavazza Australia, shares his insights on the collaboration, “Our proud partnership with the iconic pasticceria, Brunetti Oro, continues Lavazza’s strong presence in the heart of Melbourne. The Festival of Coffee is a… Read More

Padre Coffee comes to Paddington

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Bean purveyors Padre Coffee have officially opened their doors in Paddington. This new concept store joins Melbourne and Noosa locations as a must-visit for any coffee lovers, or want-to-be coffee lovers. Part cafe, part education hub, part shop – Padre Coffee in Paddington does it all. This zen space has room for an intimate coffee meeting (before you ask, yes they have baked goods to snack on), but also a large counter for takeaways, including a very impressive cold brew spout for quick refills. There’s also a training space where the team will hold education workshops, events and upskill baristas in the art of coffee. The great news is they’ve already started with their staff, who can answer any and every question about coffee. Simply tell them how you like to drink coffee, or ask them for a new way to drink it, and they’ll be able to whip you up the perfect blend from their large selection of single origins, blends and roasts. Head of Padre Coffee, Ben White, the Kenyan Gachatha AB for us as a must-try for long black lovers, and when we say it was the best coffee we’ve ever had that’s not an exaggeration. Such is the magic that awaits you at Padre Paddington. In addition to learning about coffee and sampling brews, the retail space is also an excellent starting point for those who want to up their homemade coffee game. With machines of all shapes and skill level, to drip bags perfect for those who love going off… Read More

Nespresso has just dropped a new compact and colourful machine

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Coffee gods, Nespresso have launched a new coffee machine and it’s the most compact, and colourful, in the Vertuo range yet. Introducing the Vertuo POP! The six new colours are an interior enthusiasts dream, allowing maximum space personalisation while not taking up any extra space. Coffee lovers can choose from Spicy Red, Mango Yellow, Aqua Mint or Pacific Blue, or go classic with Liquorice Black or Coconut White. It’ll be hard to choose just one for your kitchen! Nespresso are no strangers to awards, and this new Vertuo machine has already won the 2022 iF Design Award in the product category for its sleek and compact design, as well as connectivity features. The Vertuo POP also happens to be the most affordable machine from the Vertuo range so far, which as we know with the rising cost of living, is a blessing. Nespresso’s Business Executive Officer General Manager, Jean-Marc Dragoli says is more important now than ever given 63% of Australian coffee drinkers claim to be making their coffee at home as part of a plan to save money. Given Nespresso pods on average cost $1.20 per shot, it’s a swap many will be happy to make. “We know Australian coffee lovers are feeling the pinch, with the cost of living on the rise,” says Dragoli, “The new Vertuo POP offers an elegant solution for those seeking cafe-quality coffee at home and in a more compact style. The sleek design and bright colours, will elevate any kitchen or workspace, no matter the size.” Small in… Read More

Nespresso’s limited edition collection with Chiara Ferragni is its chicest yet

OG influencer, Italian fashion icon and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni has teamed up with Nespresso for the mother of all Milano in the most chic coffee range collaboration we’ve ever seen. We all know Italian coffee is where it’s at and Nespresso’s new and limited-edition collection, co-developed with Chiara, pays homage to Milan’s history, architecture, and lifestyle. The collection features a new coffee blend, Milano Intenso, a range of stylish accessories and a GORGEOUS CitiZ Nespresso machine. Dripping in gold accents, when we say this range is chic (and also super limited edition), we mean it. The entire collection is adorned in a bespoke geometric deep green design with gold accents influenced by Milan’s historic locations, Villa Necchi, Palazzo Montedoria and Duomo Cathedral, and is inspired by Chiara’s vision of the city. The coffee itself is made for Australians who love a robust bean. Milano Intenso has a medium-dark roast, and a high intensity rating of eight, with a classic combination of cocoa and roasted-cereal notes. Nespresso recommends that this be enjoyed as a cappuccino given it’s medium-dark roast pairs well with milk. “My love of coffee and Italy knows no limits, so I jumped at the chance to collaborate again with my dear Nespresso family to co-develop this limited-edition collection,” Chiara tells, “The new range has been inspired by the creativity and rich culture of Milan, and I am so excited to bring to life such great tasting coffee with beautiful accessories and machine for coffee lovers to enjoy wherever they are.” Sip in style… Read More

Love coffee? Try these café au lait treats this summer

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Coffee champions Nespresso are making summer even sweeter with their latest Barista Creations range that’s made to be iced, iced baby. It couldn’t come any sooner as the Aussie summer stings, but you can now perk yourself up at home with the Brazilian-inspired collection designed to elevate iced coffee experiences with surprising tropical coffee blends designed specifically for ice. In the Barista Creations for Ice range is the new Liminha over Ice flavour, return of fan favourite Coconut over Ice and for black coffee loves, Ice Leggero. If a latte isn’t enough for you in the heat, try these summery treats to get that caffeine fix without the temperature spike. Mocha Smoothie Bowl Ingredients:80ml Ice Leggero1 large frozen banana or 2 small frozen bananas1 teaspoon cocoa powder3 teaspoons chia seeds1 teaspoon cinnamon Toppings suggestions: coconut shavings, nut butter, granola and fruit. Materials:Nespresso Vertuo machineBlender Method:Brew Ice Leggero, allow to cool.In a blender, add all ingredients. Blend until thick and smooth.Spoon into a bowl and garnish with your favourite toppings. Liminha Affogato Ingredients:80ml Liminha Coffee2 scoops Lemon Sorbet Materials:Nespresso Vertuo machineVertuo Cappuccino glass Method:In a Cappuccino glass, add the Lemon sorbet.Brew the Liminha coffee over the sorbet.Serve and enjoy! Ice Cube Coffee Ingredients:230ml Tropical Coconut Over Ice Capsule150ml milk (we love this with oat milk or coconut milk for an extra tropical hit!) Materials: Nespresso Vertuo machineIce Cube TrayNespresso Reveal GlassAeroccino Method:The night before, brew Iced Coconut into a jug and wait to cool. Carefully pour into the ice cube tray and freezer overnight.Place 3 coffee… Read More

Become your own home barista with Nespresso Favourites

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With costs going up, more Aussies than ever are feeling the pinch and with the average household consuming three coffees every day, more and more are opting to make their coffee at home to cut back. New YouGov research, The Nespresso 2022 Australian Coffee Report, shows 73% of Australians are now making their coffee at home in some capacity, with more than 63% (which is 9 million!) saying it’s to save money. While Australian cafe culture remains strong, it seems that the at home Nespresso supplements the daily coffee intake and we’re still enjoying the best of both worlds.  Of course saving cash isn’t the only benefit, with 67% of Australians reporting they found it convenient, and 51% saying they were confident their coffee would always be made exactly the way they liked it. In fact, Australians were largely very satisfied with their own coffee-making  skills, with 75% of coffee drinkers claiming the quality of their own homemade “When you’re consuming several coffees a day, it’s a huge benefit in times like these to be able to pare back your spending by making some of those coffee orders at home without having to compromise on quality,” said Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, Mitch Monaghan. “Australians will continue to visit their local café for that social experience, but they also want to know the first coffee they make as they roll out of bed in the morning is up to standard. Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Program™ ensures the coffee you buy is both the highest-quality and sustainably sourced.”… Read More

Drink coffee, get paid

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Looking for a job to froth over? In celebration of the launch of their reformulated Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk, leading plant-based milk brand, Vitasoy Australia has today announced they’re on the hunt for Australia’s Biggest Coffee Nut to become their Chief Coffee Taster! It usually takes a few minutes for ads to appear on the page, but occasionally it can take up to an hour. See our code implementation guide for more details. According to research, Australians love their coffee so much that over 30% of people surveyed would need a minimum of $10,000 to give up coffee for the month. And of that 30%, almost 10% would need a whole $1 million – clearly a nation full of strong Chief Coffee Taster candidates! Good thing Vitasoy’s got one hell of an opportunity available for a coffee tester, where you’ll: Have the chance to experiment with the tastier, frothier and creamier Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk reformulation Be invited to our Wodonga lab to sample the latest plant milk innovations with your flights (from any Australian capital city) and accommodation on us  Learn all there is to learn about coffee from Australia’s 2019 barista champion Matt Lewin Get exposure to some of the best innovations in coffee and taste more coffee than a normal person would care to! Receive $10,000 (prior to tax) for your one month fixed term contract period Simply find the job here and record a video (no longer than 30 seconds) telling us why you are Australia’s biggest coffee nut and want to be Vitasoy’s… Read More