Melbourne coffee lovers in for a futuristic treat

Coffee machine cafe

Melbourne, hold onto your coffee cups! As the world prepares to celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1, plant-based pioneers, Minor Figures, and specialty coffee roasters, Coffee Supreme, have something exceptional brewing. This trailblazing partnership is set to redefine your coffee experience, taking you on a journey a hundred years into the future.

For one tantalising week, the Coffee Supreme café in Abbotsford will turn into a time machine of taste, offering an avant-garde glimpse into our coffee-drinking future. This venture is part of Minor Figures’ global campaign, offering FREE coffees to the first 100 eager time-travellers through its doors.

Minor Figures’ Co-Founder, Jonathan Chiu, envisions a future worth saving. As a company, they believe success in innovation lies in solving problems from our customers’ perspective. This collaboration with Coffee Supreme is an exploration of the future of coffee consumption, a creative energy experiment aimed at imagining how we could be making, drinking, and loving coffee in 100+ years.

Coffee Supreme’s response to this intriguing question is an off-world interpretation that holds true to their unique vision and deep desire to preserve the mindful moment that coffee brings to our daily lives, regardless of which planet we find ourselves on. The result? An immersive and multi-layered beverage that invites you to savour the moment.

This futuristic coffee, only available at the Coffee Supreme Abbotsford Café, is served in a whisky glass over ice and features three distinct layers, each representing earth, water, and clouds. The bottom layer combines a rich Colombian espresso concentrate and tonic water. The middle layer adds a sweet contrast with a yuzu brown sugar syrup. And the crowning glory? A refreshing cloud of cold milk foam, crafted with Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk.

This extraordinary global collaboration isn’t just limited to Melbourne. It will be activated in café partners across the globe, including Tokyo and the USA. Created to spark conversations and inspire creativity, this campaign is set to raise awareness about the future of coffee in a unique and delicious way.

Mark your calendars, Melbourne. On September 30, the first 100 time-travelers to visit the Coffee Supreme Abbotsford Café will receive the off-world futuristic coffee for FREE. The limited edition drink will be available to purchase until October 7, with some exciting giveaways in the mix. But act fast. This offer may soon become a mere blip in time.