New VIVA North Melbourne cabaret venue and bar

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This April, the industrial precinct of North Melbourne will witness a spectacular transformation with the grand opening of VIVA, an innovative venue that harmonizes live performances with exquisite dining. By seamlessly blending a vibrant bar setting with captivating cabaret experiences, VIVA is poised to redefine entertainment in Australia, creating an immersive hub for underground artistry, culinary delights, and premium libations.

Step into a realm where history intertwines with modern allure at VIVA. Infused with the opulence of the 1920s and accentuated by cutting-edge staging and technology, VIVA promises to be a stage for the nation’s most distinguished dance and cabaret luminaries. The venue is crafted to whisk guests away on a journey of delight, excitement, and artistic exploration.

Featuring two exclusive in-house shows that anchor the night’s entertainment lineup, VIVA kicks off with Elegant, a captivating cabaret performance brimming with comedy, dance, charm, and theatrics. For those seeking a more provocative and daring experience, Exotic awaits as the late-night spectacle designed to captivate, enthrall, and perhaps even challenge your perceptions.

Elegant, the early show, is helmed by the acclaimed arts and entertainment maestro, Jason Coleman. With an illustrious portfolio encompassing iconic events like the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, hit musicals such as Hair and Hairspray, and the beloved TV series So You Think You Can Dance, guests at VIVA are primed for an extraordinary evening within an intimate setting.

Director of VIVA, Karlee Kaminski, shared, “At VIVA, we aspire to merge the enchantment of live performances with exceptional dining, service, and beverages, establishing a new standard in entertainment for Melbourne. We are crafting an ambiance where every night is a celebration – where the lights, the sounds, and the ambiance form an integral part of the experience alongside the spellbinding performances on stage and the culinary masterpieces on your plate.”

Bookings are now open at VIVA, beckoning you to unearth a venue where each performance is a masterpiece and every meal is a culinary work of art. Join us later this month for an unforgettable inauguration that will mark the inception of North Melbourne’s newest chapter in cultural brilliance.

For reservations at VIVA, visit and secure your seat at the pinnacle of Melbourne’s entertainment scene.