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Nespresso’s limited edition collection with Chiara Ferragni is its chicest yet

OG influencer, Italian fashion icon and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni has teamed up with Nespresso for the mother of all Milano in the most chic coffee range collaboration we’ve ever seen.

We all know Italian coffee is where it’s at and Nespresso’s new and limited-edition collection, co-developed with Chiara, pays homage to Milan’s history, architecture, and lifestyle. The collection features a new coffee blend, Milano Intenso, a range of stylish accessories and a GORGEOUS CitiZ Nespresso machine.

Dripping in gold accents, when we say this range is chic (and also super limited edition), we mean it. The entire collection is adorned in a bespoke geometric deep green design with gold accents influenced by Milan’s historic locations, Villa Necchi, Palazzo Montedoria and Duomo Cathedral, and is inspired by Chiara’s vision of the city.

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The coffee itself is made for Australians who love a robust bean. Milano Intenso has a medium-dark roast, and a high intensity rating of eight, with a classic combination of cocoa and roasted-cereal notes. Nespresso recommends that this be enjoyed as a cappuccino given it’s medium-dark roast pairs well with milk.

“My love of coffee and Italy knows no limits, so I jumped at the chance to collaborate again with my dear Nespresso family to co-develop this limited-edition collection,” Chiara tells, “The new range has been inspired by the creativity and rich culture of Milan, and I am so excited to bring to life such great tasting coffee with beautiful accessories and machine for coffee lovers to enjoy wherever they are.”

Sip in style with Nespresso’s limited-edition range before it’s snapped up.

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