5 ways to turn your home into the perfect relaxation space

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With our busy and varied lives, finding the time to sit down and relax in your own home doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. When you do get that me time, or even time to relax with family or friends, atmosphere is everything. We all want our homes to be warm and inviting to […]

7 most helpful travel apps you need before any trip

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Travelling is what makes life worth living. You get away from home, the people, the job, the realities and anything else that annoys you to take some much needed ‘you’ time, to relax, recharge and get a taste of another life. But, all too often, so many of us pack up and leave without the […]

5 steps toward a more lavish outdoors

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There was a time when the backyard was a place you would only venture into at weekends to do a little gardening and tidying up when necessary. The garden was just a piece of land tacked onto your house that you felt obliged to keep looking tidy just so that the neighbours wouldn’t complain. But […]

5 ways to reclaim the comfort of your lounge

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We live life at a frantic pace, filled with appointments, bookings, to-ing and fro-ing; Unsurprisingly, we appear to be more stressed than ever before! One of the key suggestions to chilling out more is to find a way to de-stress. For many people, de-stressing -or, chilling out- comes quite naturally. Chuck on an episode of […]

Is doing your end of tenancy cleaning yourself a good idea?

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Image: Courtesy Imagine this, your lease has almost ended, you have already decided where you are going to move, everything is packed, all the paperwork for the new property is done, and right at that moment you find out that you cannot end the lease agreement without cleaning the place up and restoring it to […]

4 ways to prepare yourself for purchasing a new car

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There’s no denying the thrill of buying a brand new car. Whether it is haggling with the dealer, taking a nifty little speedster out for a test drive, or signing those all important documents, making such a big decision is exciting. Yet, it takes knowledge and awareness to secure a great deal. You have got […]

Tips on handling your excess baggage like a pro

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Want to go on a holiday, but have too much baggage you want to bring with you? Standard. Up until now, the luxury of bringing as much luggage as you’d like would’ve slugged you with few for the airlines to take it, but now, that’s not the case anymore. World Baggage, an excess baggage company, […]