Top 10 eye care tips


Keeping the health of your eyes optimum is indeed a necessity. There are some eye diseases that are too difficult to cure and might also cause complete vision loss, for instance, glaucoma. Below are the top 10 eye care tips that you need to start following today.

1. Always wear a hat and sunglasses while stepping outside. The harmful UV rays can really damage your eyes. When exposed to UV rays for a prolonged time, it can also lead to cataract formation. Invest in quality sunglasses and always wear them while outdoors.

2. Wear protective eyewear at work! A lot of injuries are caused while working in dangerous locations. For instance, if your job involves the use of drill, grind, sand, spray, hammer or weld then the chances of injuries exponentially increase. You never know what might happen, which is why you should always wear eyeglasses.

3. Visit your eye doctor regularly. A visit every year will help you detect problems in the early stages. This means that you can have your eyes treated way before any permanent damage is caused. Get an eye ultrasound done to check if your eyes are in the optimum health.

4. Protect your eyes while playing any sports. Your chances of getting injured are high when you play games such as squash, or other high-speed ball games. Wearing helmets can help you protect against any potential damage and don’t forget lenses for your eyewear!

5. Stop smoking. You read it right! Needless to say, smoking damages the body and also your eyes. It also causes damage to your blood vessels that carry blood to the eyes. If you are a chain smoker, it is best to quit it while you still can protect your eyes. Permanent damage to the eyes cannot be reversed.

6. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Eating fresh food which is healthy will give all the essential nutrients to your eyes. It eliminates any deficiencies and ensures proper blood circulation. Make it a point to do light exercise daily or at least four days a week.

7. Wear eye protection at home. While doing chores that might involve chemicals, it is imperative to protect your eyes. You are more likely to get injured while carrying out work in your garden and the like.

8. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol level under control. Keeping blood glucose low will help in preventing diabetes. Since diabetes can cause some serious eye damage, it is a good idea to keep blood glucose under control. Get regular checkups and tests done to stay healthy always.  

9. Take breaks while working on laptops. Staring at the computer for a long time can strain your eyes. In some cases, it can also cause long-term damage to your eyes. Make sure that you take regular breaks in between and do some light eye exercises. These exercises will help you relax the muscles and prevent unnecessary strain on eyes.

10. Did you know that too little light can also be harmful? That’s right! You should have an optimum light while reading, writing or working. Too much or too little light can cause strain to your eyes. If you are working late at night then use a night lamp to make sure that there is enough light. A simple tip can be to adjust the brightness of your laptop so that it does not cause any harm to your eyes.

Thus, you can prevent your eyes from damage with the help of these tips. Prevention is always better than bearing the consequences when you cannot do anything about it. Take care of your eyes pro-actively and visit your eye doctor regularly.