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SPON: new wine bar and bottleshop in Sydney

Spon shop wine alcohol Sydney

Odd Culture Group, renowned for their innovative approach in the food and beverage industry, has launched its latest venture – SPON. This new wine bar and bottle shop, located on King Street, Newtown, is set to revolutionise the art of wine tasting in the area. With the primary focus on serving an eclectic mix of wild, rare, and exciting wines, ales, and other fascinating beverages, SPON empowers guests with the freedom to curate their own by-the-glass selection. This unique concept is aimed at deconstructing the barriers often associated with discovering, tasting, and enjoying new or rare produce. To commemorate the launch, SPON is offering $6 glasses of Pét-nat, orange, or chilled red wine for the whole of August through September. Alongside, visitors can enjoy half-price corkage and the occasional surprise of exclusive bottles from the cellar. James Thorpe, CEO of Odd Culture Group, said, “SPON is designed to make the unfamiliar familiar, transforming what might be seen as esoteric into easily understood and enjoyed beverages. We hope to enhance the interaction and knowledge sharing with our guests.” Offering a unique rotational open-bottle list of 12 primarily wines, large-format ales, and ciders, SPON encourages a dynamic and exploratory experience for guests. The by-the-glass price is a mere fraction of the takeaway price, making even the rarest of wines accessible to all. Jordan Blackman, Group Beverage Manager, expressed his excitement about the new concept: “This format allows us to open and serve some truly unique and unusual drinks that wouldn’t usually make it onto by-the-glass lists in… Read More

Top 10 eye care tips


Keeping the health of your eyes optimum is indeed a necessity. There are some eye diseases that are too difficult to cure and might also cause complete vision loss, for instance, glaucoma. Below are the top 10 eye care tips that you need to start following today. 1. Always wear a hat and sunglasses while stepping outside. The harmful UV rays can really damage your eyes. When exposed to UV rays for a prolonged time, it can also lead to cataract formation. Invest in quality sunglasses and always wear them while outdoors. 2. Wear protective eyewear at work! A lot of injuries are caused while working in dangerous locations. For instance, if your job involves the use of drill, grind, sand, spray, hammer or weld then the chances of injuries exponentially increase. You never know what might happen, which is why you should always wear eyeglasses. 3. Visit your eye doctor regularly. A visit every year will help you detect problems in the early stages. This means that you can have your eyes treated way before any permanent damage is caused. Get an eye ultrasound done to check if your eyes are in the optimum health. 4. Protect your eyes while playing any sports. Your chances of getting injured are high when you play games such as squash, or other high-speed ball games. Wearing helmets can help you protect against any potential damage and don’t forget lenses for your eyewear! 5. Stop smoking. You read it right! Needless to say, smoking damages the body and… Read More