We’re all killing the planet: The Waste Less Workbook will help you be better


Try as we might, being more green can be hard.

So, environmentally-friendly movements like Banish – a fast-growing Australian waste-reduction education platform and online market place – are doing what they can to make it easier!

Say hello to the Waste Less Workbook, the answer Banish has come-up with to tackle our unintentional (hopefully) contribution of over 64 million tonnes of household waste each year, or the equivalent of 2.7 tonnes per person (*National Waste Report).

Waste Less Workbook cover

It encourages and enables everyday Aussies to quit single-use plastic with ease, with 87% of consumers who completed the trial seeing an improvement in their habits in just one week*.

Complete with an interactive guide that shows users how to recycle better, cut down on their household waste, live more sustainably and reduce their environmental footprint, it’s a first in putting the power of planet-saving into the hands of those who did it harm in the first place.

Waste Less Workbook 3

While the majority of Australians recycle it’s estimated that ?10 to 15%? of the stuff we chuck is actually put in the wrong bin; this new book will aid the thought processes behind tossing stuff in the first place, eradicating waste with every toss.

“Now more than ever people are wanting to change their habits to reduce their impact on the world around them but many are confused about how to start,” Banish, founder Lottie Dalziel says. “That’s why I created a step-by-step guide to make sustainable living a little bit easier.”

Waste Less Workbook 2

How does the book work?

The self-paced workbook covers each room of the home including the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, as well as beauty and travel habits.

Users fill out an initial assessment and are graded with a Planet Impact Score based on their current habits. They then take a pledge to change their current habits and are able to track their progress by retaking the questionnaire and receiving a new updated score.

The Waste Less Workbook launches in the lead up to Plastic Free July, a global movement that has inspired over 250 million participants to reduce their plastic use with more than 120 million people expected to join in 2020.

For more, go to the Banish website.