All about American Crew Acumen – the holistic range for men


Fifteen products make up the American Crew Acumen range, products for men that do more than just scrub you up.

Complete with Vitamins B5 and E, they’re purposed to actively enhance your skin and hair, as opposed to just making it smell nice and look clean.

“Acumen brings an element of sharpness, sophistication, and aspiration to the skin care, beard grooming and body care routine, according to its founder, David Raccuglia. “This is more than a regime. We hope to instill a ritual to elevate a man’s look and the self-assurance to get him where he needs to be.”

Complete with other benefitting kickers as hyaluronic acid, ginger root extract, bisabolol and cranberry extract – which increases blood flow, helps to retain moisture and fight free radicals – it’s a truly all-encompassing range.

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Especially when you consider it includes everything from pomade to exfoliant; eye gel to after shave cooling lotion and another 11 products in-between. See them all at Selfridges.

Find the range and follow the shower, shave, care, style journey online as you treat yourself. More at

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