Everything old is new again, like drive-in cinemas

EQ drive in cinema

If there is a bright side to the pandemic, it would be the fact that old-fashioned drive-in cinemas are back on the radar. 

With traditional movie cinemas closing their doors during the height of the pandemic, we saw a resurgence of fun in the form of pop-up drive-in cinemas in the strangest places, such as airport tarmacs. Yes, you read correctly. Vilnius International Airport in Lithuania put their empty space to good use and turned it into a film lovers dream by installing a drive-in cinema. Genius! 

Closer to home in Sydney, there’s the Mov’in Car drive-in cinema on the rooftop of the Entertainment Quarter (EQ) car park. The initiative has proved to be so popular, it will now continue to operate through to the end of July. 

Drive in cinema
Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Especially when there’s a pop-up drive-in cinema to enjoy!

Coming up in July are some old classics like Finding Nemo, The Devil Wears Prada, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Slumdog Millionaire. For those seeking something more recent, there’s the blockbuster, Parasite, Birds of Prey, Knives Out and the highly entertaining, Bohemian Rhapsody

You can have pizzas delivered to your car, as well as wine, beers, popcorn and lollies. And as the nights get even cooler over winter, you can enjoy a mulled wine pack while you snuggle under your warm doona, watching your favourite movie on the big screen. 

Bring up to 5 people in a car and enjoy a retro outdoor movie experience or enjoy a Peugeot Class Date Night in a new model Peugeot. Included in Date Night are two complimentary glasses of mulled wine. 

Feeling nostalgic? What are you waiting for! Book your tickets online, throw your pillows and doonas in the car (or book a fancy Peugeot for the night) and get lost in the world of yesteryear. 

Find out more about what’s on at EQ here.