Affordable eyewear in the blink of an eye; only from Vision Direct

Vision Direct Persol

If there’s one thing we can take away from the fashion weeks that hit us every year, it’s that what you should be wearing changes so often, you can’t keep on top of it alone! Which is why folks out there like Vision Direct make everything so much easier, offering-up the latest fresh-off-the-runway accessories like […]

Your own custom Ray-Ban sunnies with new collection, Remix

Ray Ban remix sunglasses posers

Ray-Ban has a new way to customise your shades: Remix.

Summer giveaway: Win a pair of Oscar Wylee sunglasses

Oscar Wylee eyewear

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean the time to stop gift giving is here. Everyone loves a good new piece of facewear and Oscar Wylee is just what the season ordered by way of sunglasses to fill the Christmas gift-receiving void. Summertime means the sun is out, the UV is lethal and your […]

AEON Sunnies for everyone

There is in Canada a bunch of three guys with a really cute story. They hated the fact you can either buy cheap sunglasses that you use and throw away, or unattainably expensive ones that you use, love, eventually break because they’re made so cheaply and in-turn, throw away too. Left wondering why and with […]

Smiling eyes with the Sunglasses Shop

For the ugly, they’re the saving grace of each and every day. For the attractive, they add an air of mystery and allure to the face and for the stylish, they complete flawlessly an outfit with such ease it should be illegal. Thank god it’s not. Sunglasses and eyewear frame the eyes, embellish the face […]

The Karen Walker Candy Bar

It was young Aaron Carter that sung about his excitement and insatitable drive toward how badly he wanted candy, if I recall correctly. This 2013, this young Carter’s desire has overflowed into no doubt the pulpit of society whereby upon their discovery of the Karen Walker Candy Bar, chaos is sure to ensue. In other words; […]

How to chose the right sunglasses to suit your face shape

With the sun creeping through the clouds, weather warming up and the constant push by society for us to have no wrinkles, look eternally youthful and take care of our faces, it makes perfect sense that ’tis the season to wear sunglasses. In light of this, I thought it a handy idea to put together […]