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Your interstate best friend: The Toyota Landcruiser 300 7-seat monster

Toyota outback Landcruiser

Cars are all about context, right? You don’t get a convertible Volkswagen Eos to hit the outback. Much less do you get a Ford Wildtrak for simple trips to the shop. But on the odd occasion you find a car that’s equal parts massive and practical that makes you think, ‘oh yeah, that works’. Say hi to the Toyota Landcruiser 300. Quite literally the biggest car you’ve ever driven, with more power than the simple streets of Sydney knew how to handle and enough suspension to make you have moments of existential quandry where you think, ‘am I actually driving, or just rolling under my own momentum?’ MORE: Here’s what we thought of the Toyota CHR Koba SUV View this post on Instagram A post shared by T H E F (@the_f_online) More an icon and master of the outback, you’d be considered nuts if you didn’t put this car through its paces on all kinds of terrain from the city to the country. So, we spoke with travel expert Quentin Long about the best ways to explore Australia’s landscape and those unseen destinations. The Landcruiser 300 makes all kinds of trips for all durations and demands a breeze. With perks and features that include some of these bits, you’re in good hands: a brand new 3.3L twin-turbo V6 diesel engine delivering 227kW and 700Nm 10-speed automatic transmission designed to enhance driving performance, fuel efficiency, and quietness – which genuinely works – you hear nothing and let’s not forget, the Multi Terrain Select with a… Read More

The new Toyota Yaris test drive: compact in size but clean, green and huge on safety features

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid ZR

Good looks. Tick. Compact. Tick. Safety features. Tick. Hybrid option. Tick.  The latest Toyota Yaris is hard to go past if you’re in the market for a compact-sized vehicle. There are three grades available in the new Yaris range – Ascent Sport, the SX, and the top of the range, ZR. If cleaner and greener are high on your list of priorities, the hybrid version (available in the SX and ZR) delivers outstanding performance and efficiency by combining the benefits of an electric motor with a petrol engine. We test drove the ZR and the verdict is out – the 1.5L Toyota Hybrid System with auto CVT is big on safety features, technology, and fuel efficiency. Providing a smooth and comfortable ride, the Yaris is perfect for city driving and squeezing into those tight, awkward parking spots with the assistance of front and rear parking sensors as well as a reversing camera (which is standard across the range).  But with cutting edge safety technology such as the head-up display, blind-spot monitor, lane trace assist (steering assistance when you’re out of line), and pre-collision safety system, this is also the perfect ride for those long, out-of-town road trips. There’s no danger of cramping your style as there’s ample space to throw in your luggage, plus extra space designed underneath the floor of the boot.  One of the first things you notice when you turn the engine on is how quiet the hybrid system is. You have to check twice to make sure the car is actually… Read More

The return to recreation: The new Toyota RAV4 is the car for life

Toyota RAV4 2019 parked outside the d'Arenberg Cube in Adelaide

We’re in the age of the SUV! Literally every car manufacturer that matters is playing in the space and pumping out car-after-life-inspiring-car that makes you want to sell your current hunk, buy an SUV and a bike, throw it all in the boot and disappear for a while. That’s actually what Toyota is all about with its new RAV4, too. They’re all about turning up the ability for you to live life, away from the city BS we surround ourselves with all too much. What ever happened to weekend camping trips? Kayaking down the Murray River? A drive to the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart and riding the bike back down? The Toyota RAV4 is the type of car they’ve made to allow that to happen. It gives you the opportunity to check out of life for a little bit to actually go camping, actually try cruising up the coast to the beach and staying the night, or seriously giving that interstate road trip a go in style, comfort and practicality. It’s a car that is regarded as one of the original SUVs – back before everyone was doing ’em, 25 years ago – which has now reached its fifth generation and considered the safest, most capable, most refined and comfortable RAV4 ever. And what makes the new car that much more exciting is that Toyota is pumping them out in hybrid variants for the more ecologically and environmentally conscious. The hybrid type is best because it combines and ICE engine (internal combustion engine)… Read More

Test driving the Toyota C-HR SUV: Why you should consider it

Toyota C-HR

The C-HR is a game changing vehicle for Toyota. Launched before the all new recently released futuristic Corolla, the C-HR was the first model to show us what we are in for for Toyota’s future. The C-HR doesn’t feel or drive like any Toyota I’ve driven in the past. The super sharp styling, the soft to touch interior trims and new interface were already a great sign.  The C-HR has adapted the trend of the European auto houses by decreasing the capacity of the engine and sticking in a turbo. Why? Quite simply put it gives you more go and less time at the fuel pump as  well as less CO2 emissions. #GreenLiving The C-HR is powered by a 1.2L Turbo Petrol engine that produces 85kW of power and paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with a seven-speed sequential shift mode. Their new generation gearbox makes for super smooth seamless gear changes and the added turbo makes it even smoother. These traits are a godsend for urban living. Getting around town is an absolute breeze. Speed bumps and uneven roads aren’t a match for its supple suspension.  In true SUV spirit, this particular model has added AWD (All Wheel Drive) which sends power to all four wheels which gives you added safety and more agility delivering a sharper drive, again for weaving the inner city suburbs or if you plan on touring the Great Ocean Road. The comfort level of the C-HR is on another level, literally. You could easily drive this to Melbourne… Read More