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The return to recreation: The new Toyota RAV4 is the car for life

Toyota RAV4 2019 parked outside the d'Arenberg Cube in Adelaide

We’re in the age of the SUV! Literally every car manufacturer that matters is playing in the space and pumping out car-after-life-inspiring-car that makes you want to sell your current hunk, buy an SUV and a bike, throw it all in the boot and disappear for a while. That’s actually what Toyota is all about with its new RAV4, too. They’re all about turning up the ability for you to live life, away from the city BS we surround ourselves with all too much. What ever happened to weekend camping trips? Kayaking down the Murray River? A drive to the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart and riding the bike back down? The Toyota RAV4 is the type of car they’ve made to allow that to happen. It gives you the opportunity to check out of life for a little bit to actually go camping, actually try cruising up the coast to the beach and staying the night, or seriously giving that interstate road trip a go in style, comfort and practicality. It’s a car that is regarded as one of the original SUVs – back before everyone was doing ’em, 25 years ago – which has now reached its fifth generation and considered the safest, most capable, most refined and comfortable RAV4 ever. And what makes the new car that much more exciting is that Toyota is pumping them out in hybrid variants for the more ecologically and environmentally conscious. The hybrid type is best because it combines and ICE engine (internal combustion engine)… Read More