Test driving the Toyota C-HR SUV: Why you should consider it

Toyota C-HR

The C-HR is a game changing vehicle for Toyota.

Launched before the all new recently released futuristic Corolla, the C-HR was the first model to show us what we are in for for Toyota’s future. The C-HR doesn’t feel or drive like any Toyota I’ve driven in the past.

The super sharp styling, the soft to touch interior trims and new interface were already a great sign. 

The C-HR has adapted the trend of the European auto houses by decreasing the capacity of the engine and sticking in a turbo. Why? Quite simply put it gives you more go and less time at the fuel pump as  well as less CO2 emissions. #GreenLiving

The C-HR is powered by a 1.2L Turbo Petrol engine that produces 85kW of power and paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with a seven-speed sequential shift mode. Their new generation gearbox makes for super smooth seamless gear changes and the added turbo makes it even smoother.

These traits are a godsend for urban living. Getting around town is an absolute breeze. Speed bumps and uneven roads aren’t a match for its supple suspension. 

In true SUV spirit, this particular model has added AWD (All Wheel Drive) which sends power to all four wheels which gives you added safety and more agility delivering a sharper drive, again for weaving the inner city suburbs or if you plan on touring the Great Ocean Road.

The comfort level of the C-HR is on another level, literally. You could easily drive this to Melbourne and not complain about comfort. The higher seating position thanks to its SUV stance makes it a cinch for everyone to get in and out. The steering and cockpit position is slightly dropped, giving you more forward vision than expected from its super sleek styling.  The cockpit wraps around you to make you feel in full control.

This Toyota C-HR also has great features and an impressive infotainment system with in-built sat nav and Bluetooth interface, split zone climate control AC, forward collision alert, blind spot sensors with lane departure warning (it will even nudge you back into your lane!), cruise control, all round park sensors and rear camera. It also folds its mirrors in when you’ve parked and locked it on your way out.

As of January 1 Toyota now offers a 5 year warranty as standard. Ask your dealer about Toyota advantage Capped Price Services. See more about the C-HR at the Toyota website.