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Where to go for Asian deliciousness in Melbourne – plus wine

Jacob's Creek Night Noogle Markets 2019 #30

The Melbourne Night Noodle Markets are on in Birrarung Maar, so Jacob’s Creek is making people remember why wine and Asian food works so well together. Tipi’s are a far cry from being anything representative of Asia – maybe Bedouin? – but hey, they’ve got one and it’s full of wine and carbs and no one’s mad about it. It’s a quiet sanctuary away from the heaving noodle-hungry crowds of the Market, that provides the perfect spot for those wanting to grab a seat under cover and enjoy a glass of wine by the fire with their favourite thing (person or food will do). The wines have been perfectly paired for every kind of spicy, salty, sour or sweet delicacy found at the bustling Asian street food festival for you to enjoy the ultimate culinary wine moment in style and comfort. They’ve got it all on-hand, from the crisp Le Petit Rosé, to the rich and smooth Double Barrel shiraz, Jacob’s Creek has the perfect drop for your noodle market experience. Check it out in Melbourne from 7-24 November! Find out more about the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets here.

Sydney Night Noodle Markets: Where to go in Hyde Park for what

Night Noodle Markets bao

If previous years have been anything to go by, the Sydney Night Noodle Markets – much like the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets – are going to turn it on for food lovers. As always, in Hyde Park from 4-21 October it makes one of the biggest events of Sydney Good Food Month.  Complete with forty sizzling hawker-style stalls showcasing Asia’s best cooking techniques and flavours, the Night Noodle Markets will turn it on with the likes of Mr. Bao, Chat Thai, Mr Miyagi and Wonderbao (both coming to Sydney from Melbourne for the first time), Chur Burger, Donut Papi, Gelato Messina and Black Star Pastry. And here’re the best hawkers to get your fill from for the whole three weeks: For a taste of Thailand: Khanom Jeen Nahm Ya at Chat Thai – A favourite amongst Sydney chefs, Chat Thai’s fermented rice noodles with coconut curry and fish dumplings is a classic not to be missed. For a taste of Taiwan: Gua Bao Trio at Mr Bao – Mr Bao always keep it fun and flavoursome offering a ‘Gua Bao Trio’, including crackling pork belly, karaage chicken and Korean beef served in a cloud like taco shaped bun. For a taste of China: Dim Sum with Chinese Dim Sum King – Steamed to perfection these prawn, pork, chives or mushroom dumplings accompanied with spicy dipping sauces will cure any craving. For a taste of the Philippines: BBQ Pork Skewers at Hoy Pinoy – Hoy Pinoy is a constant star of the Night Noodle Markets, drawing a crowd with their fiery, smoky barbecues grilling succulent skewers. For a taste of Sri Lanka – Chicken Biryanai at Foods of… Read More