Why it’s not your face that picks a pair of sunnies – it’s your star sign

Black man sunglasses headphones

Gone are the days of checking your face in the mirror at Sunglass Hut! All you need’s your star sign. Helping us find #TheSunWithin, Sunglass Hut has teamed up with astrologer Natasha Weber to come up with a style guide for faces according to what’s written in the stars. Why? All so your inner style […]

Sunglass Hut has a new summer range of shades and they’re nice

Sunglass Hut summer 2017 collection women

Sunglass Hut are one of the leading global retailers of sunnies and this season, they have partnered with local creatives to make some magic. A photographer and artist duo, Ted O’Donnell and Vicki Lee have joined the brand to showcase the latest Sunglass Hut collection in an explosion of Australian summer vibes. This season’s campaign […]

You’ll want to get onto the latest sunglasses trend

Double Bridge sunglasses

What you wear on your face says a lot about you. It’s a personal statement about you and where your own level of style is at; so when it comes to opening yourself up to the world and all its judgement, you want to make the right decision. Sunglass Hut has cottoned onto this and […]