Why it’s not your face that picks a pair of sunnies – it’s your star sign

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Gone are the days of checking your face in the mirror at Sunglass Hut! All you need’s your star sign.

Helping us find #TheSunWithin, Sunglass Hut has teamed up with astrologer Natasha Weber to come up with a style guide for faces according to what’s written in the stars. Why? All so your inner style matches your outer.

We had a chat with Natasha about zodiacs, faces and sunnies and discovered a bit about how can you discover your inner personality and bring it out in bold new ways using the constellation.

“Each planet and zodiac sign represent a unique part of yourself. In astrology, the sun reveals your character and how you shine your light. This new campaign is a perfect match with astrology because a person’s style choices reflect their inner spark and confidence, much like their sun sign does. This summer, you can choose frames to shine your sign, from the inside out,” she explained.

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When it comes to how well your sign(s) know you, it turns out there’s a reason that your astrological sign can be represented in frame shape. Natasha explains that it’s just as specific personality traits are associated with the signs, so too are colours, styles and fashion trends. Aries are sporty, so Rams are drawn to frames that suit an active lifestyle. As the romantics of the zodiac, Cancers love subtle shapes that can be worn with pretty dresses or pastel shirts. It’s all about being true to your sign, right down to the fashion details.

She starts it all with a person’s birth chart, which is a snapshot of the heavens at an exact moment of birth. It shows all the planets in their respective zodiac signs, and each reveal different layers of a person. The sun sign is integral to a person’s character because the sun is the centre of our solar system. But other planets and signs reveal crucial information too. A person’s Venus sign gives clues about their relationships, for example. While their moon sign speaks of their deeper, emotional self.

“I’m a Gemini sun sign, but I resonate strongly with my moon sign, Leo. I’ll express my sun sign if I’m out and about and catching up with friends. On these days, my fashion choices mirror my social butterfly mood, and I’ll choose something fun and flirty from my wardrobe. But, come night time, my Leo moon likes to dress up and get noticed!”

Find your style at the Sunglass Hut website.

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