Why you shouldn’t miss La Boheme according to its stars

The cafe in La Boheme by Opera Australia

In celebration of the Sydney Opera House‘s 50th birthday this year, Opera Australia, its resident opera and performing arts company, is putting on one heck of a line-up.

With the renowned and favourite La Boheme currently on stage until THIS weekend, 11 March, your chance to see it for the season is almost up!

It’s a moving story of love gained, shaken and then lost forever, written by famed Italian composer – who wrote quite accessible operas for those who are new to the whole experience – Giacomo Puccini.

It’s even got those two renowned arias placed strategically back-to-back in the first act of the performance, that do their job in honing you in and driving you (or maybe just me?) to tears every time. They are: Che gelida manina and Si mi chiamano Mimi. They highlight the very moment Rodolfo and Mimi fall in love and do the best job at positioning Mimi as a delicate flower of a woman, who Rodolfo can’t but help being totally taken with immediately. Have a listen here:

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To find out why La Boheme is so good and such a must-see, we spoke to the latest lead singers, Atalla Ayan and Rebecca Gulinello who play Rodolfo and Mimi, the main lovers’ storyline, through the production.

“Singing La Boheme taught me something beautiful about life: The passion and the joy of living every moment, every second as the last one of your existence. Living for the moment. That, together with the revolutionary, modern and gorgeous music of Puccini, is what makes this opera alive and also appreciated to this day,” Atalla said.

And on why it’s one of those must-see shows before it wraps up for the next while, Rebecca explain that, “I’m most looking forward to having all my very proud family cheering me on in my final show on the 11th of March, all 15 or so of them are coming up from Melbourne to see me and celebrate this important milestone with me – nothing makes me happier than this! It also happens to be the closing show of this beloved Gale Edwards production which has been running for around 11 years now. I feel so honoured to be in the final closing show and a part of the history of this production.” If ever there was a testament to seeing a production, that’s it!

Is there anything to look out for? Good question.

The set design and director of Opera Australia – Brian Thomson and Gale Edwards respectively – have done their utmost in producing a visually wow set, complete with animated chorus members, actors and unique details down to the finest iota. It’s worth going along just for the spectacle!

By Atalla explained that it’s about the story of love that makes the show all the more worthwhile. “The very moment Mimi and Rodolfo meet in the first act  is for sure one of the most iconic moments in opera. And this production made it so beautiful and touching. But we can’t forget the setting of the second act, which is so grand and luminous. I think it is quite impossible to pinpoint just one part of this tremendous production. So, I invite everyone in Sydney to come and see us on the remaining shows! You will love it!”

For more and to get your last minute tickets, head to the Opera Australia La Boheme website