Doritos is supporting Aussies to be bold and Reach Out

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“I’m fine”. I think we’ve all heard those words, or said them ourselves, and known they weren’t true but didn’t know what to do next. 1 in 4 young people struggle with their mental health at some point, and what’s worse, 70% of those who need help don’t get it. While these stats are bleak, positive change is happening. 

Doritos have partnered with mental health service ReachOut to encourage all Australians to be bold, and reach out when they’re feeling blue to have the important conversations needed (with themselves or others) to stay connected and safe. 

To spread the message far and wide, Doritos have released a new range of their tasty corn chips with positive packaging and limited edition Bold BBQ flavour. The packet looks a little different to usual and comes with a QR code designed to be scanned to provide people with an online mental health check-in tool and additional resources.

Kicking off the partnership with an intimate cruise around Sydney harbour under the Vivid lights, Doritos and ReachOut put together a panel of thought leaders (including the goddess DJ Tigerlily who hit the decks afterwards) to share their illuminating stories of mental health awareness, struggles and how they’ve helped manage their mental health. 

Join Doritos and ReachOut in shining a light on the words “I’m Fine” by checking in with your loved ones.

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