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A New Dawn in Whisky from the House of LARK

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Exclusively from the House of LARK, home to Australia’s No.1 Luxury Single Malt Whisky, DARK LARK 2024 emerges as the torchbearer in the New World of Whisky, designed to ignite the night. Best savored with friends, neat, on the rocks, or in an after-dark cocktail, this whisky is crafted to stir curiosity and creativity with every sip. DARK LARK embodies the adventurous spirit that has propelled Tasmania’s LARK to global acclaim since Bill and Lyn Lark crafted the first bottle of single malt whisky at their kitchen table in 1992. This whisky is a divergence from tradition, meant to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. The 2024 edition of DARK LARK is renowned for its smooth yet complex flavour profile, showcasing Tasmania’s awe-inspiring terroir. The artwork for this year’s limited release features the enchanting Aurora Australis, capturing the ephemeral, celestial beauty best witnessed from Tasmania. As with this rare light show, each bottle of DARK LARK offers an experience that is both elusive and enchanting, with its warm purples and greens playing across your senses. Uncorking a bottle of DARK LARK 2024 reveals evocative aromas of mocha and sultanas, layered with light oak spice and a hint of cherry. The palate is a symphony of flavours: white peach enveloped in crème brûlée, rich blackcurrant crumble, honeycomb, and caramelised pineapple. Millie Tang, Australia’s No.1 bartender and DARK LARK ambassador, remarks, “DARK LARK is whisky done differently. It belongs in cocktails, on ice, and most importantly, in moments shared after dark.” LARK Master Blender Chris Thomson… Read More

Celebrate the future of Tasmanian whiskey: Lark Distillery’s latest dram

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In Tasmania, Australia lies a homegrown success story in the world of spirits: Lark Distillery. And it was thirty years ago recently that it received the first Tasmanian distiller’s license granted in 154 years. Since then it seems, Australian spirits – or, more specifically, Tasmanian – have gone from strength-to-strength. From a makeshift still on a kitchen table, founder Bill Lark’s passion unfurled into a quiet pursuit of excellence that is being recognised around the world.  Lark Distillery has grown to become one of the most celebrated and recognised distilleries in the country and beyond, being named as one of four distillers nominated for Worldwide Whisky Producer of the Year at the 2020 International Wine & Spirit Competition.  To mark this momentous achievement, The HOUSE of LARK has released two single malts that represent Lark’s rich history paying homage to a legendary Scottish single malt and Lark’s rich Tasmanian roots – Rare Cask Series Glenfarclas and Origins Single Malt Whisky. A little about Rare Cask Series Glenfarclas The direct fire stills impart a rich and recognisable flavour on this spirit, while also being matured in the finest Spanish Oloroso casks, creating a moment of true indulgence. This bottling celebrates the friendship of Bill Lark and John Grant, having been distilled in 1992, the birth year of Lark, then left to mature and blossom through the decades. Get it for $999 A little about Origins Single Malt Whisky This batch is orange blossom, caramel and milk chocolate on the nose, a palate of lemon curd, apricots, and cream,… Read More

15 May is World Whiskey Day: say hello to a wine and whiskey combination

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They’ve combined port, sherry, bourbon, white oak and wine casks from Lark’s Bothwell Distillery with juicy flavours of vibrant berries from the finishing casks. The result is a new, single malt whiskey by Lark Distillery in Tasmania that is worthy of excitement. A limited edition, the new batch of Ruby Pinot Cask Finish has a tantalisingly light and fruit-filled composition with notes of orange blossom and honeysuckle, embodying the characteristics of a crisp Tasmanian spring morning. With mouth-watering inflections of mandarin, maple and meadow honey, this is a compellingly crisp single malt whisky reminiscent of a springtime sunrise in the Tasmanian highlands. Not to mention, its colour and classic Lark bottling make it ideal for the ‘Gram. See more about it at the Lark site.

Whiskey drinker? Try this Italian ‘Chinotto’ inspired batch from Tasmania

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We all know Chinotto, right? That black, carbonated Italian drink that’s a kind of cola? Well, Tasmanian whiskey distillery, Lark, took it upon themselves to turn the eons-old beverage into an alcoholic tipple for the slightly adventurous and have crafted their first, ‘Chinotto’ whiskey. On a brisk Tasmanian afternoon, Head Distiller Chris Thomson was sampling a range of house-made single-malts when one dram, in particular, transported him back to a time where a friend introduced him to the cola-reminiscent beverage. Thomson was overcome with a wave of experimentation and creativity, which prompted him to work with a local producer, OSARE, to pair an elegant single-malt whisky with this rich and effervescent drink.  What’s it like? Well, on the nose, you’ll be greeted with fresh vanilla beans, barley wine and scrumptious malted milkshakes. On the palate, hints of charred citrus and cinnamon come into play with nodes of wattleseed and cola. To finish, delighted tastebuds will be met with indulgent and sweet coffee, tingling cola as well as lingering orange oil and dark chocolate. Lark’s ben pumping out quality Tasmanian whiskey since ’92 and this is another example of the greatness that’s coming from their journey. Find out more at the Lark website.