Celebrate the future of Tasmanian whiskey: Lark Distillery’s latest dram

Aberfeldy scotch whiskey cocktail drink

In Tasmania, Australia lies a homegrown success story in the world of spirits: Lark Distillery. And it was thirty years ago recently that it received the first Tasmanian distiller’s license granted in 154 years. Since then it seems, Australian spirits – or, more specifically, Tasmanian – have gone from strength-to-strength. From a makeshift still on […]

15 May is World Whiskey Day: say hello to a wine and whiskey combination

Lark whiskey

They’ve combined port, sherry, bourbon, white oak and wine casks from Lark’s Bothwell Distillery with juicy flavours of vibrant berries from the finishing casks. The result is a new, single malt whiskey by Lark Distillery in Tasmania that is worthy of excitement. A limited edition, the new batch of Ruby Pinot Cask Finish has a […]

Whiskey drinker? Try this Italian ‘Chinotto’ inspired batch from Tasmania

A glass of whiskey on a table

We all know Chinotto, right? That black, carbonated Italian drink that’s a kind of cola? Well, Tasmanian whiskey distillery, Lark, took it upon themselves to turn the eons-old beverage into an alcoholic tipple for the slightly adventurous and have crafted their first, ‘Chinotto’ whiskey. On a brisk Tasmanian afternoon, Head Distiller Chris Thomson was sampling […]