Celebrate the future of Tasmanian whiskey: Lark Distillery’s latest dram

Aberfeldy scotch whiskey cocktail drink

In Tasmania, Australia lies a homegrown success story in the world of spirits: Lark Distillery. And it was thirty years ago recently that it received the first Tasmanian distiller’s license granted in 154 years. Since then it seems, Australian spirits – or, more specifically, Tasmanian – have gone from strength-to-strength. From a makeshift still on […]

Whiskey drinker? Try this Italian ‘Chinotto’ inspired batch from Tasmania

A glass of whiskey on a table

We all know Chinotto, right? That black, carbonated Italian drink that’s a kind of cola? Well, Tasmanian whiskey distillery, Lark, took it upon themselves to turn the eons-old beverage into an alcoholic tipple for the slightly adventurous and have crafted their first, ‘Chinotto’ whiskey. On a brisk Tasmanian afternoon, Head Distiller Chris Thomson was sampling […]