15 May is World Whiskey Day: say hello to a wine and whiskey combination

Lark whiskey

They’ve combined port, sherry, bourbon, white oak and wine casks from Lark’s Bothwell Distillery with juicy flavours of vibrant berries from the finishing casks.

The result is a new, single malt whiskey by Lark Distillery in Tasmania that is worthy of excitement.

A limited edition, the new batch of Ruby Pinot Cask Finish has a tantalisingly light and fruit-filled composition with notes of orange blossom and honeysuckle, embodying the characteristics of a crisp Tasmanian spring morning. With mouth-watering inflections of mandarin, maple and meadow honey, this is a compellingly crisp single malt whisky reminiscent of a springtime sunrise in the Tasmanian highlands.

Not to mention, its colour and classic Lark bottling make it ideal for the ‘Gram. See more about it at the Lark site.