Whiskey drinker? Try this Italian ‘Chinotto’ inspired batch from Tasmania

A glass of whiskey on a table

We all know Chinotto, right? That black, carbonated Italian drink that’s a kind of cola? Well, Tasmanian whiskey distillery, Lark, took it upon themselves to turn the eons-old beverage into an alcoholic tipple for the slightly adventurous and have crafted their first, ‘Chinotto’ whiskey.

On a brisk Tasmanian afternoon, Head Distiller Chris Thomson was sampling a range of house-made single-malts when one dram, in particular, transported him back to a time where a friend introduced him to the cola-reminiscent beverage. Thomson was overcome with a wave of experimentation and creativity, which prompted him to work with a local producer, OSARE, to pair an elegant single-malt whisky with this rich and effervescent drink. 

What’s it like?

Well, on the nose, you’ll be greeted with fresh vanilla beans, barley wine and scrumptious malted milkshakes. On the palate, hints of charred citrus and cinnamon come into play with nodes of wattleseed and cola. To finish, delighted tastebuds will be met with indulgent and sweet coffee, tingling cola as well as lingering orange oil and dark chocolate.

Lark’s ben pumping out quality Tasmanian whiskey since ’92 and this is another example of the greatness that’s coming from their journey. Find out more at the Lark website.

Lark whiskey 1