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Clarks Desert Boots still spark a movement in their own right

Clarks desert boot jeans

Ask your parents. Desert boots back in the 80s were the actual shit. And so naturally, in 2018, we do full circle and they’ve easily taken their prime possie atop the mound of hot trotters for winter with all the cool kids. In the archive of more than 22,000 Clarks styles, their desert boots join the ranks of those that have sparked a revolution, defined a generation and captured the imagination. And coming-in at an affordable $189.95 for a leather upper, rubber soled piece of trendiness. Worn by the likes of Prince Harry, Drake, Zac Efron and your olds in their hey day, the desert boot is one of those recurring things that’s easy to not forget about. Clarks has worked that to their advantage with the range, crafting theirs with with authentic English suede so its clean lines with a simple fastening and signature crepe sole provide the ultimate comfort and support. Trendy and comfy is a match not-too-often seen, but something we need more of, Go you, Clarks. See the full range here.