Exercise, health and fitness: Bulk Nutrients is changing it all

Bulk Nutrients influencer

When you think ‘protein powder’, you think orange men, gigantic drums of whey powder in scary big portions with scary-bad flavours and the gym.

If you’re into that; great! If you’re not and exercise for fun instead of a profession, then you’re going to be in the market for something else.

This is exactly why Bulk Nutrients is as successful – amongst other reasons – as it is. And it hasn’t even been around that long.

They do whey protein, casein, supplements, recovery supplements and heaps of other stuff for the most diligent of gym-goers, right down to the most casual. And the best bit is, it tastes great.

And, when like me, you’ve just dropped a great big whack of weight, thanks to your efforts at F45 and want to give health and nutrition supplements a red hot go, and they offer to fly you to their Tasmanian mothership for a two-day fitness bender to try it all out – you know it’s going to be a good time.

Bulk Nutrients is the wholly Australian owned and privately operated baby of Tasmanian local entrepreneur Ben Crowley.

He started it back in 2007 as he was living abroad in Japan and found he spent so much time and money shopping online for his protein supplements from the US without an easy, affordable or accessible option south of the hemisphere. He realised he was onto something and the rest is history.

Now Bulk Nutrients pulls in over $27 million per annum thanks to its nationwide – and abroad – operation, thanks in large part to its quality product, great taste and complete dodging of the ‘middle man’ by retailing directly to the customer.

It’s a business model that not many other manufacturers have adopted and it’s baffling to think of why.

When Bulk is working with over 150 products in many ranges with almost as countless flavours, it’s an operation that has obviously gone from strength-to-strength and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

Prices vary, but on the whole, their motto is one of pure sports supplements at wholesale prices, which is exactly their strongest selling point.

Bulk Nutrients is big on social media, big in the name of what they produce and big when it comes to quality, producing nothing but quality for its thousands of customers around the country who seemingly can’t get enough.

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