Good read: Crazy Shit in Asia

The new book, CRAZY SH*T IN ASIA aims to celebrate alternative travel culture and keep the dream alive.

Basically; exotic one day; dangerous the next and renowned for cheap, offbeat adventures, Asia is abundant with amazing cuisine and welcoming people.

But there is a dark, dangerous side to this top tourist destination-of-a-continent.

Sinking Bintangs in Bali, riding an elephant in Thailand or cruising the Mekong in Cambodia-what could possibly go wrong? So goes the tale as old as time…

CRAZY SH*T IN ASIA is a collection of hilarious, dangerous, nail biting, downright embarrassing and sometimes poignant tales of adventures that went horribly wrong that might encourage you to take the road less trekked on your next holiday-or not.

Part confusing, part hilarious, all true and completely awakening, the new book by author Matt Towner is a must-read for anyone who does Asia. Get your own copy.

Book cover Crazy Shit Asia