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How to get a good job after 50

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After the last year or so we’ve all had, you could hardly be blamed for beginning to think well into the future, off the back of a lot of people’s reassessment of their lives, future and desires, right? So, thinking about your middle age and what that’s going to look like’s a pretty good idea, to that end! This is why the latest instalment of Rupert French’s work, How to get a good job after 50 is such a must-read for anyone. The book’s a step-by-step guide, for older job seekers, showing them how to take control of their careers with expertise and confidence. With age comes experience, reliability and practised skills, and this book explains how to market these qualities to prospective employers. Covering all aspects of the job search, this is a tried and tested recipe for career success! Due for release after 7 June 2020, the book’s a must for those who need to udnerstand how to qualify for a pension, maintain success, stay in the workforce longerand much more. Find out more at Exisle Publishing’s website