How to get free burritos in Australia on 23 May

Zambrero_Barbacoa Beef flat

If there’s one thing we don’t have enough of in Aus, it’s Mexican food.

Good thing Zambrero is about to play the proverbial jalapeno and blow your socks off with the news that this 23 May, they’re whipping out all sorts of free burritos to Mexicana food lovers around the country.

It’s gonna be good.

But, why?

Zambrero - Barbacoa Beef

To celebrate the launch of Zambrero’s smokin’ new Barbacoa Beef, they’re treating the masses to thousands of free burries across nine cities.

Check out Zambrero’s Facebook, which is where they’ll reveal the locations as they unfold from tomorrow.

As part of the launch as Zambrero is also looking to answer the ‘big and beefy’ questions on the day, and people will also get the chance to voice their ‘biggest beef’ with their city.

If people aren’t near one of the locations, 168 participating Zambrero restaurants across the country will be offering a buy-one-take-one deal on the 23rd, too.


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