Why eat cookies when you can eat Cookie Doh?

Cookie Doh Co

There’s that guilty pleasure we all have that no one knows about. Some drink wine in bed, others secretly go to cos play parties, others collect lockets of hair and others eat cookie dough right from the tub, bypassing that whole oven-like middle man.

Cookie Doh Co knows this all too well, so turned the favourite treat of so many people around the world back into its simplest form and made it okay to eat.

Their latest flavour additions of raspberry & white chocolate and cookies & cream take classic flavours and add something different, bursting with sweet and tarty berries, while still being able to be transformed into a culinary kitchen creation by serving as the delicious topper to deconstructed butterfly cupcakes.

Offering a modern twist on a trusted favourite, the Oreo biscuit and vanilla infused Cookies & Cream becomes the smooth and textured filling to a spongy Swiss roll log.


The Cookie Dough Co is offering something new in what makes them, them, by canning the need for eggs and pasteurised substitutes made instead from lab-tested, heat-treated ingredients that allow the product to sit unrefrigerated in ambient temperatures for up to 2 weeks.

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