Fullerton Singapore’s Concours D’Elegance is giving you a reason to visit this June

Fullerton Hotel

When it comes to travel, Australians know how to do it – we go everywhere!

And Singapore is one location that is apparently close to our hearts. It’s out seventh most visited destination after others like the UK and the US.

So it’s no surprise we’re excited to mark the 90th anniversary of the iconic Fullerton Heritage precinct, home to the Fullerton Hotel.

This June, the area will be transformed into a three day celebration will be held from 29 June to 1 July.

Fullerton Singapore Concours cocktail

Called the Fullerton Concours D’Elegance, it’ll have a heap of car-related things going on, as well as a feast for all the senses, and a unique weekend of entertainment for the whole family.

A special concoction created using local ingredients, the Fullerton Concours Cocktail will tantalise the taste buds with a refreshing mix of fruit and citrus. The gin-based cocktail consists of cherry liqueur, strawberry, pomegranate and honey syrups, tipped with fresh ginger and calamansi juice, infused with dried sour plum and topped with club soda. The cocktail will be featured at Post Bar at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, and Lantern at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore.

Fullerton Singapore Concours 1

Families and children can discover the rich heritage of the precinct through various art, music and cultural activities. For example, acclaimed local musical group TENG Ensemble, known for their East-meets-West sounds, will perform at the opening ceremony.

Fullerton Singapore