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There’s a new French Moroccan dining experience to try

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Monsieur, have you ever dreamed of indulging in a culinary experience that tantalises your taste buds and elevates your senses? Imagine savouring our spicy Moroccan chicken sandwich, a delectable delight that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Morocco, or perhaps savoring the famous lobster roll with brioche bread, a classic that promises to satisfy even the most discerning palate,” Bitton enthusiastically added. This exciting collaboration marks a significant stride towards enhancing the hospitality offerings of One Global Capital. By seamlessly blending design, food, and culture, we aim to curate an extraordinary and innovative experience for all those who grace the bustling streets of Sydney. “We are thrilled to propel SKYE Suites hotel to new heights, constantly seeking to enhance the guest experience akin to luxury international hotels. Our journey begins with the development of a new hotel chain starting with SKYE Suites Green Square, paving the way for our upcoming site at Macquarie Park,” Sunito expressed with zeal. SKYE SUITES GREEN SQUARE: Where Luxury Meets Innovation Nestled within the architectural marvel that is SKYE Suites Green Square lies a haven of 90 premium serviced suites spread across 20 storeys, meticulously designed as an ‘Urban Resort’ that boasts distinctive, statement architecture. Bask in the opulence of our property adorned with a glamorous infinity-edge swimming pool, a serene heated spa, chic sundecks adorned with private cabanas and sunbeds, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, lush gardens, and landscaping, along with a rooftop dining experience that promises to elevate your culinary journey. Recently graced by Channel Nine’s beloved series,… Read More

Astro new restaurant in Barangaroo Sydney

Astro Feast

Nestled at the heart of Sydney’s bustling waterfront, The Streets of Barangaroo, Astro emerges as a vibrant gem, inviting diners into a world where the culinary traditions of Tokyo’s izakayas and Seoul’s barbecues blend seamlessly. This modern Asian BBQ restaurant, situated in the space once occupied by SOOT, captures the essence of joy and communal dining that owner David Bae fondly remembers from his childhood days watching Astro Boy. Astro, a creation by the innovative minds behind the successful Matkim, and part of Kolture Group, draws inspiration from the nostalgia of anime while introducing a fresh twist on izakaya-style dining. From lunchtime donburi bowls adorned with onsen tamago to evening delights of yakiniku and izakaya-inspired dishes, executive chef Jacob Lee skillfully shifts from fine dining to create an ambiance that’s both semi-casual and intricately flavourful. Signature dishes, including Sydney Rock Oysters, Ora King Salmon, and a truffle bulgogi sando, perfectly complement the creative dessert offerings like jeju mandarin and plum sorbet. The beverage menu, boasting an array of fun cocktails and highballs alongside traditional soju and sake, ensures every palate is catered to. Astro’s décor, combining Japanese Nordic aesthetics with neon lights and vintage red accents, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience, all set against the backdrop of catchy 80s ‘City Pop’ tunes. It’s more than a restaurant; it’s a destination where the fast-paced hustle of daily life gives way to moments of joy, shared meals, and laughter. Positioned within Sydney’s prime dining precinct, Astro offers a unique blend of culture, cuisine, and… Read More

Unleash inner chef at Bottega Coco’s pasta classes

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If you’ve ever dreamed of mastering the art of pasta-making or simply seeking a delightful winter activity with friends or solo, look no further than Bottega Coco. Located in Barangaroo, this all-day Italian dining restaurant and Patisserie is ready to turn your carb-loving fantasies into a delicious reality. Monthly pasta cooking class with executive chef Dario Nencioni Led by the talented Executive Chef, Dario Nencioni, Bottega Coco’s monthly pasta cooking class is a culinary escapade not to be missed. In a 90-minute immersive session, Chef Dario will unravel the secrets of crafting authentic pasta from scratch, transporting you to the heart of Italian culinary tradition. By the end of the class, you’ll be wielding your rolling pin with finesse, cooking up dishes that would make Nonna proud! Indulge in a Masterclass experience Experience an array of delights during the pasta cooking masterclass: Event details Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Italian cuisine at Bottega Coco’s Pasta Cooking Class. Book your spot now for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, learning, and a whole lot of pasta-making magic!

New European restaurant in Melbourne, Elio’s Place

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This July, the culinary landscape of Flinders Lane is set to be transformed. This as the dynamic sibling duo, Adam and Elisa Mariani, renowned for their success with CBD hotspots Greta and Maverick, unveil their latest masterpiece – Elio’s Place, an all-day European-inspired bistro nestled in the historic Flinders House. Named in loving memory of their father, ‘Elio’, whose passion for great food and meaningful conversations lives on in their hearts, Elio’s Place is poised to become a hub of Italian hospitality, inviting guests to experience warmth, charm, and culinary delights in equal measure. Culinary Delights Throughout the Day From the enticing breakfast offerings that beckon city dwellers to embrace a European flair in their morning rituals to the shared plates at lunch and dinner designed for indulgent gatherings, Elio’s Place promises a gastronomic journey like no other. For those on the move, made-to-order sandwiches offer a quick yet satisfying option, ensuring that every palate finds its perfect match. Aperitivo Hours and Delectable Drinks Every day from 3 pm to 5 pm, indulge in the traditional Italian ritual of aperitivo at Elio’s Place. Immerse yourself in a carefully curated wine list featuring both local gems and international treasures, alongside classic cocktails and soon-to-be signature mixes that elevate your experience to new heights. Culinary Mastery by Group Executive Chef Gareth Flood Heading the culinary brigade is the esteemed Group Executive Chef Gareth Flood, a veteran collaborator with the sibling duo for nearly seven years, bringing to life a menu inspired by the rich culinary traditions of… Read More

Where to get pizza in Watson’s Bay Sydney

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Fungai Pizza

Experience a slice of Italy right on the shores of Sydney with Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel’s latest culinary delight! This Autumn, we’re warming your hearts and plates with our new woodfired pizza menu, passionately crafted by Italian-born Pizzaiolo, Andrea Di Vaio. Indulge in authentic Italian-style pizzas adorned with imaginative toppings, all for under $30. Situated on the iconic harbour beach, our hotel is not just celebrated for its scenic views, clinching the 10th spot among the world’s finest rooftop bars (Mandoe Media study), but also for our luxurious bayside retreat with classic coastal interiors and a Hamptons-chic twist. Andrea’s latest creations, from the spicy kick of Sopressa Salami to the earthy tones of Fungai and hearty Double Smoked Ham pizzas, are hand-stretched, topped with the freshest seasonal ingredients, and fired to perfection in our very own pizza oven. For our health-conscious and diet-restricted guests, gluten-free and vegan options are thoughtfully available, along with indulgent add-ons like creamy burrata and delicately hand-filleted Olasagasti anchovies. Fancy a beachside picnic or a casual seaside gathering? All pizzas are available for takeaway from our kiosk daily, between 12-8pm. Dive into the luxurious world of waterfront dining and exquisite tastes at Watsons Bay. Your perfect Autumn treat awaits! ?? The menu: Margherita ($24) Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, parmesan Sopressa Salami ($26) Fennel and garlic sopressa salami, mozzarella, chilli honey Smoked Chicken ($28) Smoked chicken, spinach, green olive, taleggio Fungai ($25) roasted mushrooms, pecorino, fior di latte, parmesan Zucchini & Prawn ($29) Prawn, passata, fior di latte, grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes… Read More

There’s a new pina colada you need to try

Pina colada

In the world of pre-mixed cocktails, Curatif has already established itself as a beacon of quality and innovation. However, their latest creation—the Piña Colada—promises to elevate the experience to unparalleled heights of luxury and pleasure. This isn’t merely a cocktail; it’s an invitation to discard the trappings of everyday life and surrender to an endless summer spirit that revitalises and enchants. The meticulously crafted Piña Colada is a symphony of flavors, meticulously designed to transport you directly to the powdery beaches of the Caribbean with just one sip. The essence of bold roasted coconut flakes harmoniously blends with lusciously indulgent coconut cream, all resting on a rich foundation of fresh, succulent pineapple. But what truly sets this cocktail apart is the unparalleled blend of rums—Appleton Estate Signature Rum and Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rum—a masterful combination lending a considered complexity and balance to the drink. This isn’t just a beverage; it’s an ambrosial concoction that captures the essence of tropical bliss as if crafted under a palm-fringed cabana by the azure sea. Crafted with passion and precision, Curatif’s Managing Director Matt Sanger shares, “Our latest cocktail has been a labour of love that we’ve loved labouring over.” The resurgence of coconut and the nostalgic allure of the Piña Colada have been reintroduced in a ready-to-drink format without compromising the cocktail’s intricate flavors and authentic recipe. This dedication to real ingredients—the freshest pineapples, the creamiest of coconuts, and a meticulous selection of rums—underscore Curatif’s commitment to bar-quality excellence in every can. The Piña Colada has not only… Read More

Da Orazio pasticceria unveils new stuff at Bondi Beach

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In a delectable twist of fate, Orazio D’Elia has steered Alexandria’s beloved Mia Dolci pastry shop towards a fresh horizon. Now standing under his sole proprietorship and reborn as Da Orazio Pasticceria, this transformation marks the dawn of a new era for pastry enthusiasts in the region. As part of this thrilling metamorphosis, a six-week pop-up venture is set to grace the shores of Bondi Beach. Following the departure of his erstwhile partner, this Italian pastry haven harmoniously merges with D’Elia’s renowned Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta establishment in Bondi, paving the way for an unmatched culinary fusion. Nestled beside Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta within The Hub at Bondi Beach, the Da Orazio Pasticceria pop-up promises a gastronomic extravaganza from May 15 to June 30. Embracing this evolution with open arms, Orazio shares, “The next chapter of the pasticceria feels like home. The consolidation under the Da Orazio family brand resonates deeply with our vision. While we cherish our roots in Alexandria, the expansion to Bondi adds a thrilling new dimension to our culinary expedition.” The essence of Da Orazio Pasticceria’s revitalization lies in a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary finesse. Spearheading the culinary symphony are two adept pastry chefs: Antonio Giotta, bringing forth traditional artistry from Italy’s southern lands, and Andrea Manna, infusing a modern zest from Italy’s northern realms into the heart of Italian confectionery. Both locations offer a divine selection of barista-made Vittoria coffee, commencing daily from 8 am, alongside a tantalizing array of sweet and savory delights until… Read More

Amber Lane Distillery does well at World Spirits Competition

Amber lane whiskey bottles

In an impressive showcase of quality and craftsmanship, the Australian-based Amber Lane Distillery has once again swept up top honours at the highly regarded San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This distinguished event, known for its rigorous standards and esteemed panel of judges, has awarded Amber Lane with two remarkable medals— a Double Gold for its Pineau 350 whisky and a Gold Medal for the Apera 100 whisky. The accolade is particularly significant considering the scope of the competition. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is celebrated as the largest of its kind globally, drawing in over 5500 entries from across 30 categories this year alone. Winning entries, such as those from Amber Lane, are recognized for their exceptional quality, standing out as near pinnacles of achievement within the spirits domain. These recent wins mark a continuation of excellence for Amber Lane, replicating the success of the previous year which saw the distillery clinch a Double Gold Medal for its Apera 87 and a Gold Medal for Silk Road. Maintaining a 100% success rate with four gold medals from their entries in the past two years, Amber Lane Distillery has solidified its reputation for producing award-winning whiskies. The co-owner of Amber Lane Distillery, Rod Berry, expressed immense pride and gratitude for the international recognition. Since their market launch in 2022, every release from the distillery has garnered a national or international gold medal, underscoring the sustained excellence and innovation that Amber Lane brings to the whisky-making table. Based in Australia, Amber Lane Distillery has quickly emerged… Read More

Hickson House’s new limited edition gin series

Harbour Bridge Gin outdoor

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge stands as a majestic emblem of Australia, a beacon of architectural prowess, and a testament to the country’s vibrant history and culture. In preparation for the iconic structure’s centennial in 2032, Hickson House Distilling Co. introduces an extraordinary tribute with the launch of its HARBOUR BRIDGE GIN SERIES. This series, unravelling year by year, will unveil a new limited-edition gin that encapsulates the essence and legacy of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The connection between Hickson House and the Harbour Bridge extends deep into the annals of history. Nestled in the historic Metcalfe Bond Store in Sydney’s pulsating heart, Hickson House sits on a site integral to the bridge’s construction. In the 1920s and 30s, this building stored the steel and timber essential for erecting the Harbour Bridge, elements that underpin both the bridge and the distillery’s rich heritage. Remarkably, traces of these original materials still abound within the distillery, mingling with the craft of gin making under the bridge’s towering presence. The inaugural gin, BREAKING GROUND, commemorates the laying of the bridge’s foundation in 1923, a pivotal moment captured on each bottle of this distinguished gin. Crafted with precision, this gin blends the award-winning Hickson House Harbour Strength Gin with native botanicals like Lemon Aspen and Lilly Pilly, authentic to the bridge’s era of construction. At 42% ABV, BREAKING GROUND delivers a symphony of bold juniper, bright citrus, and delicate berry aromas, ideal for enhancing classic cocktails or the signature Harbour Bridge Gin & Tonic. In celebration of this launch, Hickson House… Read More

Korean food in Sydney? You only need Arisun

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Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant Chinatown, Arisun stands as a beacon for those seeking authentic Korean cuisine fused with a dash of Japanese delicacies. Since its move to Chinatown in 2007, following its original establishment in Belmore in 1990, this family-owned restaurant has entrenched itself as a vital part of the city’s diverse culinary landscape. Arisun isn’t just a place to eat; it’s an invitation to immerse in a unique dining experience, where the energetic pulse of K-pop culture complements the rich flavours of Korea and Japan. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SYDNEY FOOD BLOGGER ?????? (@annabelleeatz) Upon entering Arisun, guests are greeted by an eclectic atmosphere marked by a giant neon sign, vivid displays of menu offerings, and an iconic noodle monument. The interior, featuring warm timber panelling, exposed brick walls, and spacious dining tables, can accommodate 200 guests, making it an ideal spot for gatherings. Arisun extends its hospitality outdoors as well, welcoming pets and providing a cozy environment reminiscent of home. Arisun’s menu is a testament to its commitment to quality and authenticity. Highlights include the must-try Korean Fried Chicken and Pork Belly Black Bean Noodle, priced at $19.90, catering to both halal dietary requirements and varied palates. The menu spans from Fish Cake & Udon Hot Pot to Flame Grilled Korean BBQ, with the Spicy Gochujang Boneless Chicken being a standout. Not forgetting vegetarians, a specialised menu is available upon request, ensuring everyone has a delightful culinary experience. The drink selection at Arisun is equally… Read More