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Sporty, stylish and speedy: test driving the new MG ZS EV


MG have taken their beloved ZS compact SUV and extended the range to include a fully-electric MG ZS in two types, the MG ZS EV Excite and MG ZS EV Essence. It’s so exciting to see more electric vehicles (EVs) coming to Australian roads and we got to test drive the gorgeous car. Here’s an honest review about what you need to know about going full electric and how the MG ZS EV Essence performs.  I want to preface everything here by saying I am not a car person. The benefits of this are that this will be a very accessible read, because it will all be explained in simple terms as that’s how a newcomer like me (and perhaps you) wants to learn about new things.  ELECTRIC VS PETROL CARS ICYMI, petrol prices are through the roof and have been for some time. With rising interest rates and post-covid problems still affecting global imports, not to mention the environmental impact, petrol is best reserved for smaller items like your lawn mower right now. It’s fantastic that we’re seeing so many electric vehicle options come onto the market so people can make the swap to the car that suits them.  In a nutshell, petrol cars use an internal combustion engine that turns petrol into force that drives your car, but this torque requires a processing of sorts of that petrol which happens when you hit the accelerator. An electric car on the other hand is kind of always “running”, and the motor provides torque immediately… Read More

The new MG ZS car is the ultimate entryway into owning a SUV

MG ZS SUV James Banham

When you see a car like this, you think expensive… Sunday drives ? The new MG ZS SUV launched in 2017 as the second SUV from MG Motors and does style easily, and affordably ??? And the best bit? Has all the extras as standard and starts at $22,990! #mg #suv #newcar #testdrive #fourwheeler #sunday A post shared by T H E F (@the_f_online) on Aug 4, 2018 at 11:29pm PDT But, what you found out that the base model MG ZS – now owned by the Chinese SAIC Motor Company – would set you back only just over $20k? When it comes to getting into SUV ownership, MG Motors know what’s going on and have crafted a perfect to drive, easy-to-use and stylish-to-look at SUV for inner city driving that more than ticks all the boxes. It has scored a 6/10 rating on Cars Guide, which indicates two things: it looks good, the inside is nice and it’s good value for money, but it lets you down in a few areas, which if quality driving is high on your agenda, might lead you to rethink. The look It’s a handsome car. It’s the kind of set of wheels you’d happily park in your driveway for the neighbours to ogle. And ogle, they would. Despite its wheels that look a little too small for the size of the girth above them, it’s a nice, sleek design with a small-yet-spacious feel about it. The gradients on the body of the car look like a more modern age Mazda variation,… Read More