5 top backpacks to carry around this season

Crossing the street

Winter is the season for rugged up wardrobes, coats an scarves and chucking your stuff in a stylish bag before you hunch over to brave the wind and rain. Here are the top 5 from hardtofind for the season to do it right… Venque Hamptons briefcase, $209.95. Get it here. Torrino Italian leather travel wallet, $188. […]

Rodd & Gunn have a New Zealand-inspired range and it’s beautiful

Rodd & Gunn AW17 THE F 3

Rodd & Gunn might be aimed at the older gent, but that doesn’t mean as standalones, the pieces can’t be picked-up and worn by anyone daring enough to give them a shot. And this year, R&G have opted for a collection inspired by the beauty and majesty of their roots in New Zealand. The range […]

Kent & Lime Means You Have Your Own Personal Stylist On Call

Kent & Lime might be a little known name when it comes to men’s style and fashion, but it’s one that will revolutionise your life. From first-hand experience they’re about three things: efficiency, style and skill. And they aren’t afraid to flaunt them all together to change what ‘going shopping’ means forevermore. They make shopping […]

The Thinking Man’s Guide To Dressing For A First Date

Deciding on an outfit for that important first date can be just as tricky for men as it is for the ladies. Luckily, we’ve come up with a few helpful tips.

Happy 5th Birthday, MR PORTER

MR PORTER has turned 5 and celebrated with a wicked capsule collection!

How To Be Chivalrous

How to be a gentleman in 2015 is hard. Some new research from Lindeman’s shows that expectations on what constitutes a gentleman in 2015 have evolved to reflect modern-day values and traditional stereotypes are now outdated. The research revealed that men want to be seen as a gentleman and women want their men to behave […]

Lew & Huey Watches

Classic style men’s watches is the name of Lew & Huey‘s game. An American small time watch label, they bring the best of men’s timekeeping to the fore after their successful campaign on Kickstarter. They recently launched their latest Orthos piece, an homage to the classic and modern diving watches of decades past. Lew & Huey was […]

A Vespa kind of mood

Photography by Marc Buckner, styling by Iyan Difuntorum, modelling by Ollie Peake. C. THE F 2015.

Milan in Melbourne; that’s the Vespa way. As perfect for a weekend away as it is a weekend zipping around town, the Vespa is – and has been for decades – at the pinnacle of the quick-and-easy scooting world, celebrating ease of freedom and movement that we all never find the time for. Recently though […]


Especially as summer rolls around, the opportunity to get some quality shades at a more-than-affordable price is definitely more than welcome. Stumbling across SelectSpecs, an operation with an Australian arm that sells some quality sunglasses to whichever online shoppers are in need is a blessing. With men’s and women’s options in brands like Oakley, Prada, […]

Spring Racing Style Guide: Derby Day

If you’re a traditionalist or have any form of style and respect for the grand nature of what’s about to unfold in Flemington this November and the Melbourne Cup, you’d pay attention to the codes and conventions of the spring racing season: 1) Dress up. 2) Look like you made an effort. 3) Look good. 4) Don’t […]

Lookin’ Supa-FLII

  When it comes to dressing men, the devil’s in the details. Things like pocket squares, tie pins and bars, lapel pins and cufflinks were once considered old hat by those too nervous or conservative to embrace the tradition, but now more and more it seems like those who aren’t wearing it are the odd […]

How to tie a tie like a boss

With the spring racing season here and men being as dexterously retarded as they are when it comes to tying ties and looking good, Country Road knows what it takes to not only making men look good in their threads, but helping them get themselves to a point that is publicly appropriate and not too offensive […]