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Good Food Month Sydney: Shannon Martinez does very good vegan

Shannon Martinez

With Sydney Good Food Month taking over the city this October again, it’s time to purge your bodies and get excited for food. Chef Shannon Martinez is joining the movement and getting foodie with Mary’s Underground for an unforgettable night featuring a classic Southern multi-course menu that is refined, delicious and completely vegan, alongside a band specially selected by Mary’s music director Joe Muller. We spoke to him about it. How long have you been vegan and why?  I am actually not a Vegan. I think a huge part of my job is being able to experience and try all types of different typed of food and dishes – my job is really experimental. I love cooking vegan food because when I started no one was doing it, no one was really putting in the effort with it here that much. I just love cooking vegan food, I tend to get bored really easily and vegan and vegetarian dishes are a constant challenge to keep creating and generating innovative ideas. It is very scientific – which it makes me feel like each new dish is taking me back to the ‘lab’ to create a cool new challenge What thoughts do you have on how visible and mainstream veganism is now?  It’s great! The fact that it’s all over Instagram, in every paper, all the influencers and celebrities are talking about it – its massive! Beyonce did it for a while and I think she is still partly vegan focused in her lifestyle… that is huge,… Read More

Good Food Month Sydney chef Jason Neroni speaks about all things food

Sydney Good Food Month burger

Sydney Good Food Month is here and to celebrate, we had a chat with international food talent Jason Neroni from Rose Café in Venice Beach in LA who is doing the California Soul event with Monty Kulodrovic from Icebergs.  About food, style and Sydney, Jason Neroni has always been curious to come to Australia, and was just looking for an the right opportunity to work with chefs from Australia. He says he loves to travel and explore, and thinks that Sydney Good Food Month is an amazing opportunity and that’s the reason alone why he jumped on board. Couple that with his enthusiasm for Californian sensibility, Neroni says that LA is a melting pot of diversity and culture and it reflects on the food they have there. There’s a broad spectrum of techniques and influences that differs them from everyone else. And, Sydney being Sydney, it’s probably going down a treat. Neroni’s favourite thing about SoCal food is that it has the ability to have everything from sushi to tacos to ramen, and they are all really, really good, he says. What we can look forward to from Neroni this Good Food Month?  “There’s a couple of dishes on the menu I’ve created for Sydney Good Food Month – the oxtail croquettes, and the tartare (Tasmanian ocean trout with pickled mustard seeds, salami oil and chives) have been  signature dishes in my restaurant, and have received praises from a New York Times Food Critic,” he says. See more about the Sydney Good Food Month at their website.