San Churro has gone gluten-friendly

San Churro

The Spanish-inspired masters of chocolate have changed what they do so well to make it that much better – and nobody’s mad about it.

San Churro has gone gluten-friendly, incorporating low-gluten options for those who don’t want to feel quite as bloated/guilty/heavy/carby – and then some – as you’d normally after a solid binge at any one of their shops around the country.

Now before you get too excited, this is still a no-no for those with coeliac’s disease as the menu still contains gluten, but for those whose lifestyle choice it is to cut their intake, then consider it low-guilt, too.

Available from 3 July, churros for one, churros for two and kids churros will all take-on the new change, meaning their most classic staples can now be enjoyed by everyone with a sweet tooth.

“San Churro aims to provide a fun and inclusive dining experience. We try to cater to all of our customers and are thrilled to now provide Australians with a low gluten alternative,” says Giro Maurici of San Churro.

Get them at any San Churro shop now.