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Why celebrate 15 years of Spice Temple

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In the bustling culinary landscape of Sydney, Spice Temple stands as a beacon of gastronomic excellence, celebrating 15 years of crafting unforgettable dining experiences. With a dedication to sourcing only the finest ingredients and a commitment to culinary artistry, Spice Temple has solidified its reputation as a dining institution that captivates the hearts and palates of Sydney’s discerning diners. A legacy of exceptional suppliers Throughout its illustrious history, Spice Temple has curated a selection of exceptional suppliers, each chosen with care and a shared vision of quality and excellence. From the renowned David Blackmore Wagyu to the artistry of Velluti’s, Spice Temple’s dedication to working with the best in the industry is evident in every dish served. By fostering close relationships with suppliers like Bruce Collis, Nicholson & Saville, Andrews Meat’s, and Poulos Bros, Spice Temple ensures that only the finest ingredients grace its menu. The heart of Spice Temple: quality above all For Executive Chef Evans, the heart of Spice Temple lies in the relentless pursuit of quality. By engaging directly with fishermen, growers, and farmers, Evans ensures that only the freshest and most exceptional produce finds its way onto the menu. This dedication to quality is non-negotiable, with Evans emphasizing, “If it’s not the best we can buy, it doesn’t go on the menu.” This commitment to excellence resonates through every aspect of Spice Temple’s culinary offerings, setting a standard of uncompromising quality that defines the dining experience. A badge of honour: Sydney’s culinary gem With its unwavering dedication to quality, Spice Temple… Read More

Rockpool and rainfall distillery: a spirited collaboration unveiling an exclusive gin

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Prepare to be swept away by a wave of exquisite taste as Rockpool Bar & Grill, in a thrilling collaboration with Rainfall Distillery, has created a gin that’s as unique as it is delicious. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, Rockpool, in partnership with Rainfall Distillery, is launching a custom-made gin that’s as refreshing as a crisp morning breeze. This exclusive gin will be available at all three Rockpool restaurants in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, adding a splash of local flavour to their high-end spirits line-up. This boutique gin is crafted from the freshest, seasonal, and high-quality produce harvested straight from Ampersand Estates in the lush Southern Forests of Western Australia, where Rainfall Distillery is nestled. It boasts a medley of rich flavours, including heirloom oranges plucked from a century-old estate tree, smoke extracted from the native Karri tree bark, yuzu lemon skin from Waterfield Farms, and juniper. Adding a unique twist, potatoes grown by farmers in Pemberton and Manjimup are included in the distillation process, reflecting Rainfall Distillery’s commitment to sustainability in the region. The collaboration was born from a shared philosophy between Ampersand Estates, Rainfall Distillery, and Rockpool; a dedication to sourcing the best local and seasonal ingredients and aligning with like-minded artisans and producers. As Corrie Scheepers, Owner of Ampersand Estates and Rainfall Distillery, explains, “Rockpool is an iconic Australian brand renowned for delivering exceptional dining experiences while demonstrating a commitment to supporting local Australian producers. This aligns perfectly with our own philosophy of spirits creation.” The creation of this extraordinary gin… Read More

Munich Brauhaus says auf wiedersehen to Oktoberfest 2018

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Oktoberfest draws to a close next week, so Munich Brauhaus is throwing one final party to celebrate! There will be traditional live music, whacky games and challenges, and the chance for guests to win $2000. If that’s your thing. Munich Brauhaus in The Rocks is throwing one final Oktoberfest bash on Saturday 27 October, giving guests the chance to say “so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye” to the celebrations for 2018. A line-up of traditional festivities and feasting will take place, including live oompah music, wacky games and challenges and one final keg tap to mark the end of Oktoberfest. The closing party kicks off at 2pm, with an exciting competition giving one lucky guy and girl the chance to win $2000 and the title of Prince and Princess of Oktoberfest. To claim the grand prize and impressive Oktoberfest title, guests must complete four rounds of challenges: 2pm: Stein Holding Challenge and Oktoberfest Trivia 3pm: Yodelling and Chicken Dancing Contest 4pm: The Best Dressed of Oktoberfest Competition 4.30pm: Search for the Best Oktoberfest Party Trick See more at the Munich Brauhaus website.

Raise a fork for our farmers with Rockpool this drought season

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We need food to live. And we get food from farmers. Without farmers there’s no food. Without food, we die. So you can see how this major drought that is affecting more than the livelihood of Australian farmers has a very real and very horrifying knock-on effect for all of us, yeah? That’s why the likes of hospitality group Rockpool Dining Gruop, directed by Australian chef Neil Perry, are putting on the first ‘Raise a Fork’ initiative to help Australian farmers and their rural communities. The Bavarian and The Bavarian Beerhaüs restaurants in the drought-affected states of NSW and Queensland will host the Raise a Fork For Our Farmers drought relief fundraisers on the last Sunday in August, ensuring all profits made are donated to Aussie Helpers, which supports Australian farming families in need of assistance. The Raise A Fork For Our Farmers campaign is part of an broader commitment by Rockpool Dining Group to support farmers struggling to cope with devastating drought conditions, with more fundraising to follow. Australian farmers are at the frontline of record dry conditions that have plunged the entire state of NSW and over 50 percent of Queensland into drought. Rockpool Dining Group’s affinity with and reliance on farmers and local producers is what is driving their commitment to the cause. Raise A Fork For Our Farmers drought relief fundraisers will be held here, if you want to participate: New South Wales The Bavarian Beerhaüs: York Street, Sydney The Bavarian: Bondi Beach, Castle Hill, Chatswood, Entertainment Quarter, Manly, Miranda, Parramatta,… Read More