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Recipe: Blood orange Negroni cocktail

Fratelli Fresh Negroni cocktail drink Sydney 2

Sure, the classic Negroni is a winner and has been for hundreds of years; ut have you tried a blood orange one? There’s a new gin out there by Whitley Neil that’s all about heroing flash flavours like rhubarb & ginger, blood orange and pink grapefruit. So, by using any one of them in the classic recipe, you get a new dimension that makes it better. But, don’t take our word for it. Here’s how to make your own. Blood orange Negroni recipe Blood Orange Negroni 25ml Blood Orange Whitley Neill Gin 25ml Aperol 25ml Sweet Vermouth Method: Build in glass & Stir Orange slice garnish

All about Negroni Week and the 100th birthday of the Negroni

Negroni cocktail Campari

Not only is it Negroni Week from 24-30 June, but we’re also celebrating the 100th birthday of the cocktail, so if every you were going to get on board, now’s the time. It’s the one period of the year where bars, restaurants and retailers around the world, dedicate themselves to celebrating the red cocktail, with Campari at the heart, over the common goal of raising money for charitable initiatives. And this year is even more special, as 2019 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Negroni: #N100. The week of celebration’s been around since 2013 with around 100 participating bars in Australia with a total of $585,000 for charitable causes in 2018 being raised around the world. On 24th June, festivities will commence in Florence, the birthplace of the Negroni, triggering a series of charity events due to take place around the world to honour Count Camillo Negroni, the man who inspired the cocktail. International bartenders will gather from around the world to prepare their interpretations and twists on The Negroni in Florence. Australian bars will be pumping out contemporary interpretations of the Negroni created by Australian artists like Jamie Preisz (winner of the 2018 Archibald Packing Room Prize and 2018 People’s Choice Prospect Portrait Prize). His Negroni masterpiece “Gliding Bloom Drift” will go into a sweepstake prize draw with all proceeds being donated to the ReachOut.com organisation. Here’s a list of bars to go that are joining in the party. Sydney: maybe sammy, big poppas, bulletin place, burrow bar, continental cbd, door knock, earl’s juke… Read More

100 years of Negroni: Strazzanti London hosts a new supper club in the city

Fratelli Fresh Negroni cocktail drink Sydney 2

Over an exclusive four nights from 24-30 June, Strazzanti – London’s Italian restaurant haven – will host an homage to the humble Negroni; the drink of champions. 100 years ago, the drink was concocted for the first time, cementing itself in the history books as a drink of refinement and taste and the prime use for Italy’s most renowned export (other than pasta), Campari. Chef Emilia Strazzanti has collaborated with Campari and Gin Ondina to coincide with Negroni Week (24th-30th June 2019) in east London’s drinking den TT Liquor, where they’ll host an Italian-inspired supper club, complete with a four-course dinner, cocktail pairings and bespoke Italian installations. From 26-29 June, The Sicilian Supper Club will be an intimate and relaxed setting to celebrate the evolution of the Negroni, amongst decorations by McQueens Florist that’ll transform the space into a botanical wonderland, filled with delicate trailing foliage, potted herbs, prickly pear plants, and a window display of lush greenery. Menu for the four days includes the best of this season’s produce along with showcasing the fresh, diverse and yet the simplicity of mediterranean flavours from Italy. Think, an assortment of Aperitivo and Stuzzichini, including Zucchine with Almonds, and heavenly deep-fried Primo Sale cheese, with honey and Sicilian oregano, which will be enjoyed with an Ondina Basil G&T. Other antipasti plates will include crowd-pleasing wild fennel, pork belly and mozzarella croquettes, Capulitatu & fresh tomatoes with Sicilian oregano & fresh buffalo Ricotta cheese; served with E5s Hackney Wild Bread. The sharing plates will be served with an… Read More

Special cocktail: Easter Negroni by The Rook and 12-Micron

Easter Negroni

There’s a special drink coming to the bars of 12-Micron and The Rook in Sydney just for Easter – and it’s cute as feck. If you jumped on board the Negroni bandwagon when everyone else did in 2018, then wait until you wrap your hands around 12-Micron x The Rook’s Easter Negroni. It’s their latest creation made from coconut-washed gin, cacao infused Campari, La Quintinyne Rouge Vermouth and cacao garnished with a white chocolate coconut parfait bunny with a soft mandarin centre. It’s decadent as hell and will be available for a limited time this April at The Rook and 12-Micron. The classic 3-step cocktail has been transformed into a 10-part masterpiece. First 12-Micron’s pastry team create the white chocolate and coconut parfait before pouring them into bunny moulds. They then whip-up the liquid mandarin centre before adding that to the parfait casing. While the bunnies are setting the coconut washed gin and cacao infused Campari is prepped, before bar tenders at The Rook or 12-Micron put together the finished product in front of your eyes. Check it out and get your own for $24 from either venue.