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Special cocktail: Easter Negroni by The Rook and 12-Micron

Easter Negroni

There’s a special drink coming to the bars of 12-Micron and The Rook in Sydney just for Easter – and it’s cute as feck. If you jumped on board the Negroni bandwagon when everyone else did in 2018, then wait until you wrap your hands around 12-Micron x The Rook’s Easter Negroni. It’s their latest creation made from coconut-washed gin, cacao infused Campari, La Quintinyne Rouge Vermouth and cacao garnished with a white chocolate coconut parfait bunny with a soft mandarin centre. It’s decadent as hell and will be available for a limited time this April at The Rook and 12-Micron. The classic 3-step cocktail has been transformed into a 10-part masterpiece. First 12-Micron’s pastry team create the white chocolate and coconut parfait before pouring them into bunny moulds. They then whip-up the liquid mandarin centre before adding that to the parfait casing. While the bunnies are setting the coconut washed gin and cacao infused Campari is prepped, before bar tenders at The Rook or 12-Micron put together the finished product in front of your eyes. Check it out and get your own for $24 from either venue.